The Heart of Art Event

On May 12th I participated in a fundraiser for our local Art Center, “the Heart of Art”. I thought my nature hearts would be perfect for the event. I dropped off my 36×24 inch piece near the end of March and didn’t see it until the day of the event. When I walked in my piece was the first thing people saw as they walked into the silent auction. I couldn’t believe it!

I walked around to see the other things for sale and saw a lot of cool pictures, necklaces, clothing and basket packages . I had my eye on a few things too, but was outbid near the end. The one I really wanted was in the top left picture, the black boats against a red sunset.

This one was done by my art teacher Kay Doyle

At the end of the day I noticed my “Love of Nature” picture had sold for a greater amount than I thought it would. When I looked at the name of its new owner I just about cried! It was my art teacher from fifth grade ❤! For some reason it felt like one of my biggest achievements 😊. I learned a lot from this fundraiser and think I’ll do another one in the future.

See you all this Saturday. Now that I don’t have any projects until September, I have more time for the blog and my art! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do 😉 . See ya soon!

6 thoughts on “The Heart of Art Event

  1. What a wonderful event in your life! Blessing to you and your teacher. I can just picture your look when you had the discovery of your art being in high display and sold! Congratulations my dear friend. You deserve this recognition of your artistic talents.

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    • Thank you Johnella! I was really overwhelmed by gratitude 🙂 . She said when She first saw it she loved it ❤ . Next step is getting into an actual show! Hopefully that will be soon. (((HUGS)))!


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