Quick Little Snippets

I’ve been busy this past week with overtime at my job and didn’t have time beyond sleep and work, other than the past two days so today’s post will be shorter than normal. These little projects aren’t what I mentioned in the previous post but they wanted to be shown first šŸ˜‰ so here they are:

Imperfectly Perfect

I knew going into this first project that this gal would have a hole in her face, but something about it made me want to finish. When I completed it I thought “now why did I do all this on a bad leaf?” Then I thought how all of us have imperfections and how those that can except their “imperfections” are truly beautiful. She is my reminder…

I’m going to play around with her some more on what composition she works best in, but seeing how she looked on an updated coffee background was fun!

Lastly is this little whim. I wasn’t sure what to do with this leaf and was thinking about what else I could put on it. I noticed that something could stretch its arms out as if it was flying and that’s where I went with it lol. She turned out pretty cute šŸ˜Š.

Now that I got these little guys out I will post next about the trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes. Due to more overtime and inventory madness at work, I will be back next Thursday with my mother and I’s short adventure. See you next week!

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