Overcoming Fear

I was going to fill out my application for the “Fall into the Arts” art walk,(for Novembers showing), but I had this strong anxiety from the past two stop me. I know that if I apply now I can just focus on the work as I go. But I feel kinda scared to move.

I got great reactions from my photography work during the first one and good reactions towards my nature crafted art from the second. So what’s holding me back?


Everytime I apply for something that has to do with showing my art, I think I will fail in some way. That no one will see it as art or see it as good enough art to be shown. The other thing that scares me is that I just don’t want to look unprofessional. I have my photography, digital art/drawings, nature heart pictures, and my nature crafted characters. If I show all of these mediums at once it looks kind of cluttered.

The Seed of Doubt

During the last art show, someone asked me “is this all yours?” When I replied proudly “yes” they seemed shocked, yet disinterested, then they quickly moved onto the next artist. I actually haven’t felt quite the same about my art sense because of it… I agree that I don’t really have one artistic focus and that my display seemed a bit overwhelmingly different from each piece. But it felt like I was finally showing all of me.

So What Do I?

First, I need to change the way I have been thinking about my art and its worth. Second, I’m filling out my application by the end of this week! I think I’ll only bring six pictures of my best photography and display my other art differently. My main focus this time will be my nature crafts. I have one large picture I’d like to create 😉. So I’ll just have to get started!

5 thoughts on “Overcoming Fear

  1. I can relate to everything you’re thinking and feeling. I’m getting ready to send in “Call for Entry” forms for two art shows through one of the fine arts organizations I’m a member of. These will be my first shows, and I’m feeling very anxious. We have so many talented artists in our area! I keep telling myself this will be a good experience for me. Let’s do it! Best wishes to you on your show.

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  2. Art in all forms, artist, musician, writers etc all need to lay there feelings and emotions on the canvas, paper etc. It is a hard thing to do but you still need feedback from people to get better.

    Try not to take comments personally.

    You should not let one persons comment effect your confidence.

    J.K. Rowling first Harry Potter book got turned down 12 times before getting accepted. Thats like 12 people walking pasted your art and saying ” that not good enough.”

    If she had off let it affect her confidence there would have been no books and no films. Millions of children and adult would not have had the pleasure to seeing her masterpiece.

    Negative feedback is hard to take but it doesnt mean that your work is not good enough.

    Hope this comment helps.


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