Patreon Launch

I have been working on the launch of my Patreon account since November of last year. I will be publishing “Unfolding the Heart, with Mandi Bradshaw” tomorrow on February 1st! I’m excited, scared, and ready to take on this new adventure of taking my art more seriously.

Here is a sample of what the tiers will look like.

I want to thank everyone over the years that have given me the courage to move forward with the art I love to create. I specifically want to thank a very dear teacher that I had while at MUM. Thank you Dara for watering my love of writing and for being there at the creation of this blog. Along side of my mother, father and boyfriend, you have helped nurture my confidence to get where I am today. (((Hugs))) ❤.

Alright, here we go my nature friends! Lots of love and see ya soon ~ Mandi 😊💞

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