Thoughts about my Media Sites

What to reveal

I’m feeling pretty torn as to what content I should create for each of my media sites… I may have to phase out a few of them too.

*I have the most interaction on my personal Facebook page.

*I have a specific Unfolding the Heart page and group.

*I have Instagram which I love the most and get a decent flow of people.

*I have a Youtube channel for “Unfolding the Heart with Mandi Bradshaw” which has had very little feedback, but is where I am able to share my videos.

*I have WordPress as my main site to all the other sites plus my Blog… which has been non existant for sometime. 😅 I’m working on how to impliment the blog back in.

*Lastly I have my Patreon account “Unfolding the heart with Mandi Bradshaw,” which will be half of my focus each month as it will one day become a steady income and place for nature loving buddies.

Looking at this I can already tell that the group on Facebook should be on the chopping block. i will keep my WordPress as a site to all sites with some shout outs to special projects and sharing my videos.

Instagram/YouTube/Patreon will have to be my main focus. Instagram will have pictures of older finished projects and have Sneak peek intros to YouTube videos/monthly Patreon references. Youtube will have the majority of my videos posted. **Patreon will have ideas/ current pictures/early access videos/downloads/gifts and sketches. It still seems like a lot, but as I get used to it maybe it will get easier.

These are just my thoughts right now and as I grow my internet wings, so to speak, I hope the wind will take me the rest of the way.

I want to thank everyone for all the love, guidance and care over the years. I would not have developed the confidence and gusto 😉 as fast without it. More wonderful things to come, lots of love. ❤~Mandi

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