All About my Patreon Account and Future Plans

I feel my art is shifting into something bigger everyday. In this post I thought I would share a bit more about my special project on Patreon, “Unfolding the Heart with Mandi Bradshaw.” It has become not only my main artistic focus, but also my drive to creating more art everyday. I’ve released a few exclusive videos to show some of my content. I believe my art can help people relate to past experiences and connect with nature in a way that is soothing and reminiscent of special moments outside, connecting us to the planet.

I started my Patreon account in February of this year. If interested, click on the picture below for the link.

Patreon link

All the perks for my Patrons:

How I got into using nature materials as my art supplies:

Earlier Released Videos

I wanted to share some of my early video content as well. So far my videos are based on the creation of pieces, but I would like to dive deeper into the collection of my materials and Q&A videos in the future. These videos are the only ones available to the public, the remainder are private for paid patrons.

***Please lower the sound on your device before watching.🤔I haven’t quite figured out how to get the right sound levels yet. heh heh..***

February Exclusive video
March Exclusive video
April Exclusive video
May Exclusive video
June Exclusive video

Future Plans

  • Donate my print books to hospitals, orphanages and assisted living homes. (Right now Covid is stopping this…)
  • To create a digital book on Amazon and recycled book of my nature art for people to have and share with their children.
  • Find ways to create a steady income, so that my art will become my main source of income.
  • To enter art contests, specifically the Art Fair in Grand Rapids Michigan.
  • Travel to different Art shows to sell nature portraits/prints.
  • To create classes for people to learn how to make their own nature art.
  • To see my art showcased in an art gallery.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have learned a bit more of what I plan to do going ahead. Have a wonderful day and see you soon my nature loving friends!

~ ❤ Mandi


I decided to make a collage of most of my Nature portraits, and am surprised about my growth ❤. From left to right, top to down, oldest to newest, each one gives to the next. 😊

Week of Reflections

“All of Nature is Cosmic”

In need of some respite early in the week, my mother suggested that we visit “our spot”, which we hadn’t been to in awhile.

The lake was full of so much life. My mother spotted a purple dragonfly with a blue butt. ❤ All of the lotus flowers on the lake were in full bloom. We watched a large family of 20+ geese. I wasn’t able to get a good picture of the fish, but we had fun watching them as well.

After our visit to “our lake” I left a heart behind for others to find.

Later in the week, I gained some inspiration from my boyfriend’s space game 😊 and created the featured picture “All of Nature is Cosmic” and did a few different renditions. I think us watching shows about stars also helped too. Lol 🌌☀

A New Week Ahead

I’m allowing myself to be easy with my posts as I get my “writing legs” 😉 back. It’s been along time since I’ve posted regularly and I want to have fun posting again. This upcoming week I’m planning on working on a nature portrait or two. Here’s to a new week 😁, I hope you all have a wonderful one ❤!

Playing in the Fog


This winter in Michigan has been pretty different from previous years. We started off with a later snowfall and shortly after it has since melted away, which has made for a lot of foggy days.  Luckily, I’ve been fortunate enough to capture the mysterious winter fog on two of my days off <3.



On this particular day I had to get work done on my car, on my way back I saw this scene and quickly ran home to pickup my camera. This inspiring moment lead me to a spontaneous long adventure of aimlessly exploring the back roads. When I stopped on the quiet roads, I made sure to put on my car’s hazard lights, just in case.



I was captivated by the sight of this fog. Looking deeper into the reason behind its allurement I came to an interesting discovery. Fog hides what can normally be seen and shows something that normally is not seen, water in a sort of gaseous state.  No longer a liquid(rain) or a solid (snowflake), but suspended in-between the heavens and the earth. There is still a mystery to it though, that I still can’t define…





As the fog lifted I continued my three hour adventure and ended it peacefully at the “John Wilson Park” in Athens ❤ where I left my  snow hearts trademark.


Woods Shrouded in White


I won’t go into too much detail about this day other than hearing the rain lightly fall was breath taking! That and I really learned a lot about my camera’s lighting settings.





Do you ever have moments when you feel one with your surroundings? I tend to get little “messages” from nature when I connect to these places in time….


When I was taking pictures, I happened to gaze on something in between the double paned glass. I laughed when my focus came upon a water droplet that had dried in the shape of a heart ❤ Wow!



Short Break

With the holidays quickly approaching , I have decided to take a short break and will begin again on the 3rd of January. May you all have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year! ^_^ ❤

Simple Beauty Day 31

Grateful of another refreshing day, a red clover plie’s (pled-ays) in the summer rain. ❤

*I can’t believe I’ve been posting everyday for a month now! I was debating on ending this series but after today’s picture, I feel renewed again 😉. So, I think I’ll continue this for another month! Yay! 💞 See you all tomorrow!

Simple Beauty Day 28

I was given the opportunity to take pictures at my brother’s wedding. I had a great time and learned a lot. Before the wedding I went around and shot my sister in law’s amazing work of her decorations ❤.

Simple Beauty Day 27

Today I got the chance to be a kid again and play with my nieces. ❤ Such a wonderful thing ❤ ❤ ❤ .


Simple Beauty Day 26

I came across a few poke berry bushes and the yellow flowers. I’m not sure what they are called though, some of the plants I take pictures of can’t be identified through the PlantSnap app.

A little bug resting

After I took pictures of the poke berry bushes I saw this little guy hanging out on a leaf. ❤ today turned out to be a good day!

Hula-Hoop Fun

After three weeks of learning about Adobe Premiere Pro and editing this video, on my spare time, its Finally Done! Yay!


I still have a lot to learn, so you may want to turn the volume down a bit….


I couldn’t figure out how to lower the sound in the video 😦 . I’ll switch this one out for an edited one when I do. I hope you’ll still enjoy! ❤


If you liked this video then you may enjoy my first Hula hoop video (edited in Windows Movie Maker). See you again soon!