For the Love of Snow



This week’s snowstorm brought with it thunder and lightening. The storm left soft powdery snow on the bottom and crisp gleaming ice on top. It may not have been a good combination for driving, but it did leave an interesting mix for winter play.



Winter Blues?



Winter can be a boring and irritating time for any adult. Especially with lots of snow on the ground, but have snowy days always been that way? Where did the “winter wonderland” of our childhood go?


Tracking through the snow...



Last year I caught myself bickering about the snow, “Why does it have to snow soo much… Why does it have to be soo cold!” After a few more complaining thoughts I stopped and asked myself what happened to my love of the snow?


Flash backs of the past stuck me, I saw my brother and I riding on sleds down the hill behind my house. The two of us tunneling under snow banks in the driveway, claiming it as our fort. And my spinning body with head tilt back catching large snowflakes as they fell from the sky. The bickering stopped and in that moment I chose to look at the snow in the same way as I once had, with love and thanks.


To reclaim my love of the snow I started by making heart footprints. I spelled out “Love” and “I love you” on the ground near walkways.  My creativity broadened and I began building snow hearts instead of snow men. The cold seemed to lift away as the gratitude of winter rose within. Before I knew it my “winter wonderland” came sweeping back into my heart.


This year I have continued my practice of gratitude and have come up with new ideas of play in the snow. Below is a short video of this year’s work, I hope you enjoy! Next time you feel the winter blues, try making a heart in the snow and if it goes away let us know. 🙂


Looking Into Love’s Expressions

Expressing love

Why do we associate passion with the color red? Why do we symbolize love with a “heart” shape that doesn’t even look like a heart? Through my process of creating “hearts” I have had many questions pop up as to why love expresses itself through colors and particular shapes. These questions need their own post of evaluation so the next post will dive deeper into the association between the color red and love. Till then, keep spreading the love!

Return of the Sun


After a few days of colder weather and plenty of rain,

I found myself drawn to the dry pavement.

Thank you sun for returning and brightening my day!

Bursting With Color

Taking time out of my day to spend time with myself,

I walk in a mist and allow the wind to direct me.

Eyes gaze over the ground searching for life in color.

I stop and pick up a simple red leaf

and something within me changes direction.

A smile begins to grow in my heart with each leaf I gather.

As the creativity flows through my inner being,

a symbol of gratitude appears before me.

What felt lost has once again returned and resumes it’s natural flow.



Golden Delight



The Pines Bring Me Back to Create Another Heart

I have many memories of sitting under the pine trees at my childhood home. They made an “L” shape at the corner of my mothers plot. In the summertime these trees always beckoned me to read quietly at their feet. The sweet smell of sap that dripped down the trunk of the tree always intrigued me… yes I did taste it and lets just say smells are not always right.


My inner child has always led me to do many things, not always logical or smart, and yet she continues to guide me today with wonder and creativity. As for this piece, I am grateful that she decided to come out and play.



Do You See What I See?

How many do you see?

I continue to be surprised at the amount of hearts that are at my feet.

A sudden urge to look down brings me wondrous gifts of happiness.

Nature is always reminding me of her love and telling me to relay it to others.

Have you ever received a heart from nature?

Write in and tell us of your tale.

A Change in Color



I find it interesting that working with contrast and tone in my drawing class

has started to effect my other works of art.

Another experience that intrigued me was that even though the weather outside was cold

I didn’t seem to notice till I was done.

 A quote by Andy Goldsworthy comes to mind, “Good art keeps you warm.”

I left knowing the work was a complete success.