All About my Patreon Account and Future Plans

I feel my art is shifting into something bigger everyday. In this post I thought I would share a bit more about my special project on Patreon, “Unfolding the Heart with Mandi Bradshaw.” It has become not only my main artistic focus, but also my drive to creating more art everyday. I’ve released a few exclusive videos to show some of my content. I believe my art can help people relate to past experiences and connect with nature in a way that is soothing and reminiscent of special moments outside, connecting us to the planet.

I started my Patreon account in February of this year. If interested, click on the picture below for the link.

Patreon link

All the perks for my Patrons:

How I got into using nature materials as my art supplies:

Earlier Released Videos

I wanted to share some of my early video content as well. So far my videos are based on the creation of pieces, but I would like to dive deeper into the collection of my materials and Q&A videos in the future. These videos are the only ones available to the public, the remainder are private for paid patrons.

***Please lower the sound on your device before watching.🤔I haven’t quite figured out how to get the right sound levels yet. heh heh..***

February Exclusive video
March Exclusive video
April Exclusive video
May Exclusive video
June Exclusive video

Future Plans

  • Donate my print books to hospitals, orphanages and assisted living homes. (Right now Covid is stopping this…)
  • To create a digital book on Amazon and recycled book of my nature art for people to have and share with their children.
  • Find ways to create a steady income, so that my art will become my main source of income.
  • To enter art contests, specifically the Art Fair in Grand Rapids Michigan.
  • Travel to different Art shows to sell nature portraits/prints.
  • To create classes for people to learn how to make their own nature art.
  • To see my art showcased in an art gallery.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have learned a bit more of what I plan to do going ahead. Have a wonderful day and see you soon my nature loving friends!

~ ❤ Mandi


I decided to make a collage of most of my Nature portraits, and am surprised about my growth ❤. From left to right, top to down, oldest to newest, each one gives to the next. 😊

Nature Faces Unfolding


I thought I’d pop in today and I needed a nice break from working on the blog behind the scenes. So, I decided to play around with my base drawing again. I’m kind if having fun with this! I’m thinking about making a book of these to sell at the art walk. mostly an empty ones like the picture in the middle that an adult or parent and child can use as a base to add their own “hair, accessories”.

What do you think, good idea or bad idea?


Nature Art and Odin

This week I kind of went back to what I did in “Shaping an Idea” and worked on my anime girl leaves and other work.


You’ve may have seen a few of the top ones but the middle ones and bottom two are new. I’m not sure if I like the digital ones, I think I’d like to make them all out of nature items… but maybe if I work on them with other elements it will blend better.

Odin’s introduction

I want to thank my walking buddy, Odin, for putting up with me as I pick up pieces for my work. I don’t think I’ve introduced him other than putting him in a few posts… My boyfriend and I got Odin from a local shelter a few days before Christmas. I had my eye on him for a month and when the shelter said everything turned out good for us we, took the chance to get him :). Here’s him being cute~ ❤ 


I’ll continue to show the nature work every Thursday and pick up Saturdays again. This Saturday’s post I’ll be highlighting pictures of an art show I went to tonight. See you then!

Scattered but Working

This week has been somewhat productive. I kind of worked on a few different things instead of focusing on just the nature art.



I dabbled with my base drawing after a walk inspired me to create this gal.


And I tested different looks for the piece I’ll be donating to my Art Centers upcoming fundraiser. I’m leaning more towards the black spray painted frame and black outlines around the pictures. I think it looks cleaner and makes the pictures stick out more.



And lastly I played around with how I’d like the blog to be set up and what my logo will be for Unfolding the Heart. All I have to do next is try out both of these concepts on the computer.
I think I’m onto a good start. I’m gonna take a break from this Saturday’s post but will be back next Thursday as usual. See ya next week!


Exciting News and Something New

So today I went to the Art Center in my hometown (Battle Creek MI.) to see if my art could be in one of their upcoming fundraisers. I thought my heart art would fit in perfectly for their event ,”Heart of Art,” and just to see what their response would be, I brought along some of my other art as well .

I had no idea what to expect, but their reaction towards all of my art was better than I ever could have imagined! Not only do they want my art in the Fundraiser but they would like it in their gift shop as well!

When I drove home and settled down a bit, the confidence that was welling up from what they told me inspired me to finish this piece below.

I’ve been playing around with this one for a few weeks and today I think I completed it! The story of how this piece was started and finished was pretty funny to me. I actually found the frame for this piece first, then built the gal second. When I put just the head in the frame today it felt incomplete. It needed something… something behind it. I looked around and thought “Ohh this cottonwood leaf would be perfect! That and its the same type of leaf her face was made from! Ohhh and it even looks like a heart behind her!!”…. lol, yeah I get really excited when things fall into place 😉 ❤ .

I haven’t been doing this type of nature art for very long but I really enjoy it and like where it’s taking me. I’ve been trying to come up with a name for it but have been having a hard time figuring out if it’s a type a sculpture, craft, or something completely different. All I do know is that when I showed just the head to a few women at the Art Center today, they seemed to like it quite a bit. When they said “you should keep doing what you’re doing, this is something new and refreshing” I thought my heart could have exploded from all the encouragement. ❤ So I think I’ll follow their advice and keep it up ^_^ .

See ya this Saturday for the next new post!

Shaping an Idea

Last year while I was preparing for the fall into the Arts, I was wanting to create something that would set me apart from the other artists. At that time though the only thing I was ready to show was my photography. All that I am creating now was just a thought in my head. This week’s posts have been about testing out those unformed ideas and their limits.

The first limit I ran into was when I tried to seal the lion leaf with glue between two pieces of projector sheets. The glue ended up not drying, so I’ll have to try something different next time. The picture next to the lion is of a base drawing that I could put leaves or other things around it for hair/accessories.


The one on the bottom left was leaf I pressed between a book last year. I recently bought a heart shaped hole punch and found out it would only reach so far. I wasn’t going to post this test but not all tests become a final project, but I did learn from it. The last one on the right and the fox/wolf one below, were tests of animal designs that had heart shaped faces. Out of the animals on leaves I still like the lion one the best. Which one do you like best?


Next week I think I’ll do more of this type of work, maybe even record myself as I make a few….Till then, see ya next Thursday!


Endless Playing

This week’s experiments and creative endeavors 😉 . The top one was made with punching a heart hole punch through the leaf then placing it between two pieces of wax paper. Before sealing the wax paper, I added crayon shavings to the top of the leaf then sealed it with an iron. 




Same leaf different side.

See you this Saturday with more to come! I’m starting to feel something emerging from these fun little trials ❤ .