Living Truly

For the first time in my life… I feel like a true artist.

My first experience doing a show at the artwalk, “Fall into the Arts,” was such a remarkable experience for me. For years I have quietly shared my pictures with family and friends. Like whispers from my soul, my passion for nature is starting to be heard. This blog and all the wonderful comments on my posts is what allowed me to get more comfortable with showing more. For a month I prepared myself for this event and this past Friday I finally made my first step.


I received so much positive feedback and had never felt so alive in my life!

I am so glad I finally took this step, it may have been small but I did it! ūüėČ ~ ‚̧ When family and friends told me how proud they were of something I am truly proud of, I felt like I won the lottery.

Thank you everyone for helping me narrow down my pictures, Pam for helping me with my display, mom for giving me the courage to do this/for buying some frames, Trevor for helping me frame the pictures, and dad for posting my pics and staying with me all night. And thank you again family and friends for supporting me through all this, I could not have done it without you ūüėČ ‚̧ .¬†

See you all next week!

2017 Solar Eclipse Discoveries and Pics


Because of a recent creative spark I thought I’d jump in and write again today, its been awhile. I found out last minute the other day that we were going to have an eclipse so I grabbed my camera after work and did the best I could.¬† In Michigan we didn’t have the total eclipse and we had cloudy skies, but I still thought it was pretty amazing to see.



When I first got outside my camera fogged up from the humidity. I took a picture anyways and I thought it turned out kind of cool.



My camera had a hard time balancing the brightness of the sun, but some shots really made the clouds look stunning.



The only time I could get a good shot was when a certain thickness of clouds passed in front. So I guess I’m grateful to have had clouds where we were, lol. I chose the above picture to share because it had a feeling of yin and yang… with the moon symbolizing yin and the sun symbolizing yang energy, I thought it fit ūüėČ .



Out of all the pictures I took the top shot was my favorite and it was completely unexpected, but this last one was a close second because I had discovered something different. While walking back in after what I thought was the end of my adventure with the eclipse, I looked down and saw half moon rays dancing upon the ground. The circle rays that have struck a cord with me in the past were now crescents. I didn’t think this was possible before, but nature continues to reveal and share more parts of itself that I previously did not know ūüėČ I’m just glad I happened to be aware of it that day.


***Just a Note~ I plan on coming back to the blog regularly each week. I’ll share what has been going on and get back to my photography and writing. I think Thursdays work best for me, so I’ll see you all next week!



What Leads Me to Silence?



I’ve been looking through old photos for the new series Monday Moments and started to question, “what makes a photo feel like a gateway into another world?”


Is it composition, color, pathways, light, shadow, reflection, abstraction, layers, or perspective? What makes a picture feel like a larger than life moment? Or are these spaces in time just as much of a surprise as life is itself?


What do you think?


Water Reflections

Every once in awhile, I notice a new angle or perspective of photography that I like to take. I’ve done Under Glow,¬†From Below,¬†Reflection of Shadows, to contemplate on the reason I am drawn to particular subjects.


So Why Water Reflections?

Water reflections have a¬†mysterious quality to them. They can either reflect a symmetrical¬†copy or make an abstracted version of its surroundings. There is also a chance to see a bit of the environment below its’ surface. When I look at water reflections I feel a sense of wholeness.¬†


Where does the Wholeness Come From?

Okay, this is going to get deep, so stay with me, lol. When I thought about what draws me to take these pictures all I could think of was the holy trinity. I, though, interpret the holy trinity as body, mind and spirit. The wholeness I feel when I take these pictures stem partly from breaking down what I see into the three categories.


I see the environment that is being reflected, above the water,¬†as the body. What’s above is solid.¬†The environment¬†below the water is the mind, the water underneath moves and flows. And the reflection itself on the water as the spirit. I have always thought that spirit rested somewhere in between the two.¬†Confusing, I know but that is what came up. By breaking off into three and coming back to one, this is what I feel drawn to the most. The wholeness of all life.



Ending Note

Out of all of my Photography Reflections, this one was by far the hardest to explain. Makes me wonder why I wanted to do it, lol. I am always searching for ways though to better understand myself so maybe that’s why…


Has anyone else thought of water reflections in this way before or have any insight?


Last Week’s Blood Moon

I had somewhat of a success capturing the blood moon.


While I was setting up, my mother set up lights to help me find my way back home. ūüėČ


I said somewhat of a success because early in the night I took great shots of the moon as thin clouds passed by. At the time of the eclipse though, the clouds were too thick to take a good shot. And below was the only “good” one…


Through picture editing, these two pictures became my one great shot above of the blood moon. I was so proud of myself for blending the two, but then I thought “is this cheating?”. What do you think?

Under Glow


I’ve looked into why I shoot pictures of Shadows and From Below, now I’d like to look into why I¬†am drawn to¬†the glow of an object:

Glowing Reflections

When the clouds are out and the sun is away, a¬†leaf’s underbelly has a chalky green color to it. The dullness of the leaf seems a bit sad compared to it’s other side which¬†is¬†a¬†lush green. When the sun is shining, the brilliance of the other side shines through giving the whole leaf a spectacular glow. The sun gives the leaf what it needs and at the same time connects both sides as one. The wind comes in and blows the leaf to the side so that another leaf below it can receive the same¬† warmth of the sun, a give and take relationship. The strong glow of this object somehow captures life and love.

Coming Back

I think I am drawn to the¬†“under glow” of objects because I am still trying to find¬†my own under glow, the part of me that connects itself to¬†this life.¬†I seek to be lit up by life, to become transparent and as brilliant as a leaf. Maybe even as accepting towards nature and the way my life will unfold.

Rx Camping Trip



Doctor’s Orders

Well not really doctor’s orders, but I did prescribe myself a strong dose of nature after a nerve wrecking week.¬†I drove to the nearest campground and set up camp. My mother and her puppy Lexi kept me company during the day by riding bikes and gorging on s’mores. In the morning I took my bike through the trails and stopped every few feet to take a picture.¬†Halfway through I realized it may have been a better idea if would have walked ;). I wandered back to camp a few hours later and packed up. As I was leaving the campgrounds, I noticed the anxiety I came there with had transformed into a playful mind and a tranquil heart, I was cured.



New folder3


Activity Challenge: Take a day trip

Either before or after stress spills over, give yourself a break and reconnect with the environment, even if it is sitting outside and breathing in the fresh air. This is one prescription you don’t have to ask a doctor for. Side effects may include: easier breathing, a relaxed mind, and a better outlook on life~ ūüėÄ


From Below


A Spark of Curiosity

Since the “Reflections of¬†Shadows”¬†post, I’ve been looking closer¬†at other¬†forms/angles of photography that interest me. “From below” is a series of photos I like to take of flowers, leaves, and grass.


When I look closer as to why this angle is so captivating,¬†I discover that it is because I want to know what the flowers/ plants look towards. I’ve spent so much time looking down at plants, that to look up from underneath¬†I get a new perspective.



New Eyes

The bright blue sky and the occasional cloud passes by. I experience the strength of the stem that holds it’s bloom to what appears to be the heavens. Life teems of other creatures on this simple plant. Plants don’t just reach for the sun and grow, they also provide an abode for a larger community that has been forgotten to my eyes.


If I keep myself in a state of wonder for new discovery then I will continue to learn more about my surroundings and myself. Have you ever looked at life in this way? What have you learned from self discovery that may help others see a new perspective?


Reflection of Shadows



I feel myself drawn to shadows more recently. The slow crawl of these detail-less objects that follow their owners everywhere has been tripping my child-like wonder. They have a mysterious quality to them, like silent observers of another form.



My inner child questions “who is this that follows me, does she have the same thoughts and dreams as me? Why does she change shape and direction when the sun is out, and why on rainy days¬†do I¬†feel lonely when she is gone?”
So, just what are shadows?


Shadows Defined

  • A dark figure or image¬†cast on the ground or some surface by a body intercepting light(

  • A¬†dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface (Top Google hit).


Light and Shadow

The strong contrast of shadows against the  brightly lit ground has also intrigued me. In a previous blog, Creative nature writings, I wrote:


“What is it that draws me to light and shadow? When I look at the ground on a sunny day life seems amplified. As the sun colors the ground with warmth, shadows are casted by the environment. shadows are like another form of existence. For without noticing a shadow, we would never seek out the owner of it. Looking up one would see the leaves of a tree, some shaded by others, but there are always a few that are made somewhat transparent by the sun. These leaves give off such a glow that it completely captivates you…”


I guess it is not just¬†the shadow that I am captivated by, but the whole surroundings that create the shadow: the sun, the environment and the object in between. It seems I am always searching for the object in between…