5 Days of Simplicity

 Beauty or Gratitude? 

I was going to post something else today but I wanted to share my experience of this past weeks new daily seriesSimple Beauty.” I was also itching to share some of the other pics I took each day. 


Can you see what the sun’s rays in the top left picture form? ❤ I couldn’t believe it!

During this nature walk, I was particularly drawn to what I call theunder glowof leaves. That and the way light moved across and through the environment. 

Each time I took part of the day to find something beautiful, I did. In the top left leaf here, you can see another heart that was possibly made by a bug 😉 . 

My trip to the lake was immersed in the curiosity of the wind and water’s movements…(I think this is my favorite picture of Odin too 😉 ).

The remaining pictures from yesterday and today’s walk were also begging to have their debut. Light, color, shadow and composition… are truly fun to capture.


I was nervous at the creation of this new series, scared to commit to something fun, scared to commit to myself, and I think scared of not be able to find beauty in each day… But what is beauty really? An appreciation of something, gratitude towards something perhaps? All I know is that since I’ve made a commitment each day I find myself smiling more, laughing more, creating more, and overall taking notice of each passing minute in my life. These little moments each day have opened up a lot more than just my senses… and for that I am GRATEFUL ❤ !


Next week’s post will be about one the affects the daily prompts have had on me. If you want an idea of what it will be about check out a previous post from 2015, Artist Date Turned Project. See you soon!

Simple Beauty Day 5

Daily Devotional Prayer ❤

Today I noticed that sweet peas look like they have their petals folded in prayer! A cute little discovery 😉!

Simple Beauty Day 2

Deptford Pink

Reaching for Light

And Thriving…..

Daily Simple Beauty Series

Spotted Knapweed

Every day holds its own beauty.

Recently I have found myself pulled to the attention of work, errands and stress. During these times I feel like something is lacking in my life…

Today while walking Odin(🐕), I caught eye of something I’ve never really notices before and took its picture. I think I’ve seen this plant in the past but it never really grabbed me like today.

There have been many days where simple things, like this “weed”, had brought a spark back into my life. Maybe its the discovery of something new or a break in my routine that brought this sense of beauty. Or maybe its something else? I’m not really sure but I think I’ll try to figure it out.

So starting today, I’m creating a new series! Everyday for the rest of the year, I vow to take at least one picture of something that I find beautiful.

These posts will not take away from my weekly Thursday posts. I just wanted to add a little more beauty to my life and others 😉 . I hope you enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow ~❤!