One Leaf Falls

Crisp cool nights
firefly lights.

Campfires glow
days start to slow.

Leaves are let go
beauty begins to show.

Ground full of color,
marks the end of this summer.


Under the Scarlet Moon



While driving home a few nights ago, I caught a glimpse of such artistry. Leave it to good old mother nature to charm my need to re-create. I had fun with this piece, but the watercolor took 2 days to fully dry in my new journal. I endured the lessons of patience and letting the watercolor move on its own, though it was not an easy task. I wasn’t sure how to capture the misty haze that was in the air that night, but I do feel I hit the moon’s presence spot on. Moments like this put me at awe of nature’s many gifts and how they emerge from myself.


Attack of the Killer Insects!


This was the only bug that didn’t try to eat me lol

Run, Run Away!

Okay so the bugs in Michigan aren’t killing anyone that I’m aware of… but they do seem to be more active this year. This has made it difficult for me to go for a short walk let alone stop and take in the nature around me.


Shoo Flies!

When I have mustered the courage to go out, I’ve ran into a few flying friends. There are the gnats that swarm your face, “hey, hey, can I fly in your eyes, nose or mouth. K cool thanks!” then dive bomb into your eye. There are the deer flies or horse flies that love to take a bite out of anyone passing by. And the ever infamous mosquitoes…I have so much to say about them, but I will leave my censors on. So lets just say they love to suck your blood. I don’t like to put on bug spray, but I don’t know of any other way of dealing with these buzzing creatures. 


Getting Outside

I’m hoping to enjoy nature soon, but first I have to figure out how to get around these guys… maybe I’ll have to wear a mesh net around my whole body. I’ll remember to take a picture of myself if I do lol. 


Has anyone else noticed this yrs abundance of bugs or is it just me? Or do you know of any remedies to keep them away?


A Lucky Find



A few weeks ago I went through an old box and found something very precious, a booklet of my grandfather’s. Inside was 5 1/2 pages filled with 54 four leaf clovers. The writing on the first page says “July 15 1949, 5 min work…10. 4 leaf clovers Charlie Jr.” I’m not sure if all the pages were gathered that day or if the first page was the day’s collection and the others were added later. I wondered, had he bought a lotto ticket if he would have won lol.


My Turn

While walking around the yard earlier this week I happened to find a few four leaf clovers of my own.




Instead of picking my day’s treasures I decided to capture them with my camera and leave them to their environment. And although I found 2 I didn’t even think to pick up my lotto ;).


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Waiting for THE Moment

My Pianese Friend
A few days ago I saw a pepto bismol colored bloom with all the right lighting and shadows and thought THAT is what I want on my next post’s cover. Yesterday I sat out and took dozens of pictures from different angles.
A thought kicked in that said “if I wait for the sun to hit like it did yesterday I would have the perfect picture.” So I waited outside for an hour or so waiting for the sun to break through the trees and cast its rays across the soft pedals. When the “right” time did come, the light was too much for my camera to handle. I went back inside disappointed, then went back through what I did captured before.


I had been waiting for the opportune moment for my picture only to find out I already had it. My need to recreate a past moment almost made me miss a different, but just as beautiful one.


A Day For Myself

An Artist’s Date
In the Book “The Artist’s Way” each week you set a date for yourself and your creativity, these are always done by yourself. Usually from 2hrs or more you pick something interesting to do and do it or fall into something else and find something wonderful. My Artist date was a walk in the woods with my camera and journal. Here were my findings about myself and nature.
New Discoveries About the Self
 I almost deleted this part out because it reveals a lot about myself , but this is what this month is about, to share my inner and outer progress through “the Artist’s Way”. So here it is, my journal entry during my walk.


I feel at ease when I am with nature, like the feeling you get from returning home after a long trip. I often feel alone within myself, but when I am outside I feel whole. Amongst the wind, trees, and animals I feel an instant connection. I do not care about connecting with them because its already there, they need nothing from me. Sometimes I find it hard to connect with people and keep a conversation going. I always want acceptance from people so I try hard to start and keep a conversation going, sometimes to the point of awkwardness. I feel I am expected to talk or almost entertain when around people, but deep down I feel I am a quiet soul. One who likes to observe, shy is what most people think. For me, watching others is just my way of learning, not on how to be, but about how the world works.


I found this interesting about myself because I never looked into why I wasn’t more of an “outgoing person” or why I got anxious around people. I feel expected to act a certain way and my fear of my original self not living up to those expectations has stopped my from showing people who I really am. 

A Perfect End to the Day

After writing I felt like I learned something new about myself and when I ran across this, I knew I was on the right track to finding a better connection with myself and others.


Winters Past 2013

winters past

I decided to do a throw back post of a draft I was working on in early 2013, with today being the first day of Winter I found it to be perfect.

Bitterness of Winter Broken with Love

When winter came along I felt the coldness of the weather and snow to be unbearable. I realized how bitter and grumpy I was being and decided to look at the snow in another light. I wondered where my winter wonderland as a child had gone. I decided in that moment that I would recreate my childhood wonder and excitement once again.

snow woman

Notice the heart shaped nose ^_^

Gifts of a Child at Heart

While walking to my college class I stopped and made a heart with my tracks, then walked on. At first I wanted to wait and watch how many people it would effect, but then I thought “No this is not for me (the process of creating was) the rest is left for nature and its passer-byers.” Throughout the day I continued with more “love art” and left “I Love you!” and hearts in the snow. As I walked by the tree outside my window I had another idea come to me, “ahh a snow heart, for the first living thing that greats me every morning, I will make a snow heart.” Out of all the art I created that day I only took the picture of the heart next to the tree. Doing this has now sparked up a ton of hearts that I now find in nature from rocks, clouds, leaves, and even in the cracks of drying dirt. Nature continues to remind me that it loves me and that I am getting closer to truly loving myself.

snow heart-001

Why Trees?


A Fascination

I’m not sure when it started but my fondness of trees today shows in my art, writings and feelings. I think of trees as strong resilient beings. Since my heart surgery as a child I have always felt like I was fragile and maybe this is why I am drawn to these majestic creatures.


Their Strength

The strength I see in trees is from their hard bark and ability to bend with the seasons. In Spring they start anew and thrive from a prosperous time of growth. Summer brings them warmth and sunlight to continue their reach towards the sky. In the Fall, they begin to withdrawal and conserve what they need for the following season. Winter is the time for stillness and solitude. During these times they also give back constantly to their community.




Trees give back so much to this planet that it often baffles me. They absorb elements that other beings cannot and produce oxygen to give the whole world life. Not only that but they create a community for other creatures like bacteria, insects, birds, and other mammals. The love they give to the world is a love I wish to share and so I create my art. ~ 🙂



A Seasoned Oak in Battle Creek

oldest tree in bc

After having said “My biggest vision is to visit the oldest trees around the world,” in “Dreams Unfolding,” I caught a glimpse of where to start. On my mother’s bedside table was a palm sized note pad with the title “Oldest Tree in BC.” Laughing I picked up this little coincidence and read the 9 lines written upon its page.


Talking with my Elder

I have passed by this remarkable tree many times, and never noticed its age or brilliance. Last month I visited Irving park, I sat down and started the interview right away of what kind of life it has lived. I had no inner answer so I then asked if it was male or female, not in the sense of particular sex but what energy it gave off more, feminine or masculinity. Not thinking or hearing any answer again I looked to the ground and saw leaves scattered across the ground. In my head I thought “these must be her leaves” and I got my answer. The overall soothing and quiet energy as well felt more feminine.  The tree felt so quiet though that I wondered if it was still alive. The warmth of the bark against my back told me no, she was still alive just shy when approached the way that I did lol. Next time I will try to warm up to her first. 😉


She rests beside busy streets, near the hospital. A stone guard watches over her with a copper plate that states this white oaks approximate growth date of 1547  and to “Please Cherish It”.  Close by is Irving Park, a modest pond where everyone goes to feed the birds. I have always felt drawn to this spot and after clarifying my dreams, I think I know why.


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An Old Hometown Tree



Why Trees? A look into my fascination.

art journal 2(2)8

My Nature Journal

art journal 2