Give Love Project’s Fourth Year

2nd yr. winner Jennifer Bradshaw with her family beach heart “Nature Love”.

Though I am still going to be away from the blog for a bit, I didn’t want to miss posting about “The Give Love Project.” Plus the annual Give Love Project is on it’s fourth year! I couldn’t miss that 😉 .


Starting now until the 29th of this July, make a small or large art project expressing some form of love. Take a picture of your creation and leave it where others may find it. You can use chalk, sticks, stones, leaves, flowers, mud, pine cones, or anything else that will not harm or damage the environment. You are welcome to share your pictures to the links near the bottom of this post.


Project Details

  • When: From June 23rd until July 23rd.

  • What: For an entire month I challenge everyone to create love for others with a small or large art project expressing some form of love. Remember to snap a pic and write in of your experience. You may send in as many photos as you wish. There are more examples in Heart Art Series. I found another good one on Pinterest.

  • Where: Create your piece anywhere as long as it doesn’t interfere with laws or is harmful for the environment.


Send Pictures to one of the following:
Facebook page:
Facebook group:


If you have any questions about the month long project, you may contact me through one of the contacts above. Have fun and I look forward to seeing your creative expressions of love!




*Because of recent events there won’t be any prizes this year, but I hope that doesn’t stop you from creating your nature heart. ❤ *


Monday Connection: What would you be?

If I were an...-002

A Thought

While talking with my boyfriend at dinner, a few nights ago, we ran across the thought “what animal/tree would I be.” We had fun discussing the characteristics of animals and trees that were similar to our own, so I thought I’d share the fun. (My animals and tree were a bunny, dolphin, maple tree, and robin. His were a wolf, whale, oak tree, and an owl.)


Activity: Pick one or all to think about

What kind of tree do you think you would be?

What kind of land animal?

What kind of water animal?

What kind of flying animal?


Enjoy~ 🙂

Monday Connection: Star Gazing

On a clear night sit outside under the stars and try to point out constellations that you may know or just take notice of the grouping of stars. Write out how you feel in that moment and any other thoughts that run across your mind, then just relax. Happy star gazing!


This activity was originally from a previous post, Star Struck. 😀


Monday Connection: Poems of a Love

What do you love from or about nature?
Rocks, trees, the wind, the connection?



Pick a love of nature and write a poem about it.

Don’t know how to write a poem? Start with random words when you think about the subject, then mix them around till it feels right. 🙂 Enjoy!


Today’s post was inspired by yesterday’s post “The Dance Between Light and Shadow”.


Monday Connection: Leaf Art

fall leaves
Were you ever a nature collector as a child?
I would often bring rocks, leaves, or flowers I found into the house. I still carry that piece of my childhood to this day and collect leaves
in my art journals to later study or reminisce. So for today’s activity I thought looking for interesting leaves would be a fun idea.



  • Walk around your home or nearby park and look for leaves on the ground.

  • Pick a few that you are drawn to and bring them home.

  • Trace the leaf then color it in with your choice of medium.

  • Send in your picture to to be posted in today’s post.


I hope you enjoyed seeing the process of my leaves from yesterday’s post Like Mother Like Daughter. I think I’ll do more posts later on process. Till then, have fun creating and collecting!


Monday Connection: Favorite Bloom

Allium ‘Globus’ I found this at the arboretum in Asheville, NC.

 What is your favorite flower?
Take a picture or draw it and send it in to


Unfolding the Heart Participants:

Heather Caldwell

IMG_4936(I love it!)


Monday Connection: Nature’s Dyes

poke berries
Take a walk in the woods or park and see if you can find any berries to paint a picture with.

In the above picture I used berries from a Pokeweed plant. Do Not Eat Them! This plant is toxic so use gloves if you pick them and squash the berries with a hard object to extract the juice. Then grab a paintbrush and paint away on piece of bark, paper, leaf, or rock.


Monday Connection: Mother Nature

Mother Nature

What would mother nature look like to you?
Use any material to create your rendition of “Mother Nature.”


Unfolding the Heart Participants:

Dara Llewellyn’s

Tree Deity

Monday Connection: A New Adventure

DSCF2218-001Take a Day Trip

Go to some place new, bring a camera, a pad of paper, and a pencil. I’ll let you do the rest 😉 ~ have fun!


Monday Connection: Being a Kid Again


A Kid at Heart

What activities did you enjoy doing outside as a child?

Did you like going to the lake, picking blueberries, helping out with a garden, or climbing a tree? What ever comes to your mind write them down and then pick one to try out  this week. You may even get help from a loved one on your little quest like me a few years back. ~ 😉


My mom helping me climb a tree 😀