Fall in Love: Art Collection

Disclaimer: The music in this video is not mine, it is by Yann Tiersen, “introduction to music.”

Fall in Love: Remebrance

Over the years I’ve watched my neighbor’s tree glow in the mornings of Autumn and loved every moment of it. In Memory of my friend and neighbor Grace, all I can say is that I feel a part of her beautiful and radiant soul lives on in this tree. These are some off the collections I have taken over the years.

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Fall in Love

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year and the color display in Michigan is breath taking, so as a little project for myself I’m going to create the mini-series “Fall in Love.” For the next week I’ll share pictures of Autumn from the past and present.
Today’s pictures are of our walk last weekend with our dog (Bear) at Leila Arboretum, in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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I was hypnotized by all the colors in the sky.


Had it not been for my boyfriend, whom pointed at the ground, I would have missed these goldie-locks at my feet.


I rearranged them a bit with a smile across my face, and told him “this is for you.” ~ ❤