Movie Moments: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

I thought this movie was going to be one of those odd goofy movies and it is, but it also warms your heart with these moments:


Absorbing the Sun
I have to be honest and say that I have done this before, though not in front of a bunch of family members. There is just something about the way the sun makes you feel. To me it feels like the sun energizes my soul with love and happiness. The sun’s rays reflecting off my skin can lift any mood, maybe its the vitamin D ;).


This other scene reminds me of my favorite artist Andy Goldsworthy(


Leaf Art
When the mother walked into the area the kids built my heart just melted. A creative sanctuary like that would take anyone’s breath away. I share a deep connection with Fall leaves because of my birth being around the same time.
While looking for a picture of Andy Goldsworthy’s leaf work I found another artist, Richard Shilling(


Movie Moments: Phenomenon

I am a movie buff šŸ˜‰ so as a new Tuesday series I will share moments of movies thatĀ enliven a connection betweenĀ the audienceĀ andĀ nature.

I recently watched the movie “Phenomenon” and wrote down a few scenes that captured the kind of wholeness one can feel with nature.


Anxiety Shift

A feeling I know all to well is the transition of panic to calm from watching treetops sway in the wind. The environment seems to take the stress away and somehow calms the nervous system. I found it intriguingĀ thatĀ a recent post, “Blow With the Wind“, went perfectly with this clip.

The other part I enjoy in this movie is the opening credits. There aren’t many movies that grab at me from the very beginning, but this one did and still does every time I watch it.


Soothing Leaves

The paring of the sunlit leaves and tranquil music sends me strait to my emotional heart. This experience is harder to describe so in an upcoming post, Under Glow, I will reflect on the special glow of leaves dancing under sunlight.


If you have any other movie suggestions let me know and I’ll check it out, next week’s Movie Moment is on the movie “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”.