Sunset Sundays Return!


I haven’t received any guest pictures of sunsets, so I posted a few of my own that I caught earlier in the week. If you would like to share your sunset photography for Sunset Sundays, send your name/picture/or link to I think it’s fun to see a sunset through someone else’s eyes :D. Till then, enjoy! ^_^




Okay soo the last one isn’t a sunset. I showed it here because when I was taking the pictures above, I turned around and saw the moon watching the setting sun with me ;). ❤


Sunset Sundays



This week’s sunset feature was again from Kris Hill :).


My sunset pic was taken Friday on my way home from work.


Sunset Sundays: The More the Merrier

Courtesy of Kris Hill

Courtesy of Kris Hill

To make things more interactive each week I’ll show a sunset picture sent to me, and a picture I took during the week. This week’s picture was taken by Kris Hill on July 15, 2015, at Mackinaw City, MI.


Out of all the sunsets this week, Friday’s was my favorite.

If you would like your sunset picture shown, send your name and picture to

Sunset Sundays: Inspiration


Photo courtesy of Susan Strazisar


A friend sent this spectacular picture to me a few weeks ago and inspired me to create this series. Thank you Susan, for getting me out at least once a week to be a part of nature’s creativity. ^_^


If you have taken sunset pictures and would like to be shown on a Sunset Sunday, send your name and picture to 




This was the picture I took this week.


Sunset Sundays

Yay! Another Series!

Along with my Watercolor Wednesday’s, I will also be posting pictures of sunsets on Sundays! These are a few from the past few weeks.