Building Love

Three weeks of work

This year’s winter has brought many wonderful moments. One of them was when I started building this snow heart. Each week I’ve added snow to reshape and make it stronger. It took four large snowballs, a lot of packing and a shovel for shaping. And today it still stands, even after rain and sleet. Towards the end of December, I was wondering if my part of Michigan was going to get enough snow to make a snow heart. I am so grateful ❤.

Nature Faces

Its been awhile since my last post. Was anyone else’s holidays crazy this year? Yesterday was the first day I was able to get back into my artistic groove.

Soon I’ll be preparing for the “Spring into the Arts” art walk in my hometown. I think this year I’ll offer custom on the spot nature leaves and commissions for nature portraits. We shall see 😁. The good news is I’m back. See ya next week!

Simple Beauty Day 27

Today I got the chance to be a kid again and play with my nieces. ❤ Such a wonderful thing ❤ ❤ ❤ .


Simple Beauty Day 7

Sweet Little Soul

So I was going to post something else but found this guy outside my apartment door tonight… I have such a soft spot for all animals. Now we have to find him a home, such a sweetie too.

Simple Beauty Day 6

I don’t know what it is about cottonwood trees and their leaves that speak to me, but they have become a pleasant friend that I look forward to visiting on every walk. ❤ 🍃

Wednesday Walk

I went for a walk with Odin yesterday. As you can tell, he had a lot of fun 😉 .

I’ve missed Spring and was hoping for more color, but found a few interesting subjects that caught my eye. The first one of the tree was taken while laying on the ground. The second is of a nest that caught my eye. The rest of them had interesting light and shadows.

Of course towards the end I had to do a few of my nature hearts. For some reason it always completes my day 🙂 .

I’m planning on posting from now on every Saturday. I’ll be posting about what I’ve been working on this past week so I’ll see you then 😉 .

Playing With Leaves

This past week I’ve been creating and testing my new craft from last weeks post,”Anime Leaves.”

The top one was done on an actual ginko leaf and the few below where tested in the photo editing program, PicsArt.

I like the look of the drawings on actual leaves better but the lion one turned out pretty good :). The nice thing about the digital ones was that they were easier to make away from home. That and it gave me a better idea of what to draw later.

I’ve learned a lot of what I can and cannot do, what markers to use and ways to flatten the leaves(before & after drawing).

I even tried a way to preserve the leaves after being colored. Modpoge brings the colors out more and allows the leaves to bend without breaking. I received a few ideas of preserving them between glass in a frame too.

I’m not sure how long I’ll test this new idea, but I’m having fun doing something new for now ^_^. I have a feeling it’ll develope into something more soon. 😉

*Oh and before I go, I’ll be posting another post this Saturday. See ya then!

Anime Leaves

I was walking with Odin last week and saw a few old leaves that caught my eye. I thought “I wonder if I could draw my anime faces on these.” So I brought them home. It was rainy today and started to snow, so I decided to test my idea. I made the little one first. I soaked the green one in water then flattened it out and used an iron on it (with a cloth behind and above it). It was a lot easier to draw on than the first.

The red one was from a pressed leaf I had in my ” treasure box” 😉 . The red guy and girl are on the same leaf. The guy was on the bottom, lighter side, and the girl was on the brighter red. I had quite a bit of fun this morning drawing and coloring them. ^_^ I think I found a new place to draw my anime on 😉 . Now I just have to find a way to preserve them.

*I’m thinking about adding another day besides Thursdays so I will update you soon. See you next week, or sooner 😉 !