Nature Faces Unfolding


I thought I’d pop in today and I needed a nice break from working on the blog behind the scenes. So, I decided to play around with my base drawing again. I’m kind if having fun with this! I’m thinking about making a book of these to sell at the art walk. mostly an empty ones like the picture in the middle that an adult or parent and child can use as a base to add their own “hair, accessories”.

What do you think, good idea or bad idea?


Art show “70 Artists 70 Artworks”


Okay here is the post that was meant for last Saturday!  Its always fun when your phone bogs up and deletes all your hard work, but now I have it back again, yay! So last week on the 12th, I went to an art show in my home town and talked to a few artists. The Art center of Battle Creek is celebrating its 70th anniversary, hence the name of this show being “70 artists 70 artworks.” There were so many artists, too many to write and share about, so I’m just going to write about the artists I got a chance to talk to.


Virgin De Guadalupe

George Martinez

A few years back I saw George Martinez at an art walk. I talked to him at this show first because his work previously inspired me to look outside of the traditional ways of making art. He said the inspiration for his work happened while cutting hair. He went to sweep up the fallen pieces and noticed the pile had a distinctive shape. After playing around with the shape, he had unintentionally created his own form of art. That small act of discovery led him to using hair clippings in his paintings as an outline and for texture.  Like all artistic forms, some people may not see the true art behind his work. I honestly think that his way of creating is interesting and cool because he used what was in his own surroundings to make it. I have never forgotten his work because of the difference of his style. If you are interested, this is a link (from his Facebook page) to the picture “Bethany” that changed what I thought about art. 



Kay Doyle

After talking with George I noticed one of my favorite teachers from middle school Mrs. Doyle, and talked with her about random stuff. I was later embarrassed because I didn’t notice the name tag on her that said she was one of the artists. When I got to a painting and saw her name below, I felt awful that I didn’t get the chance to talk to her about her piece. I messaged her later and got to know a bit more about her. She said she had been doing watercolor for about 6 years but that she was originally inspired by a teacher when she went to college for her teaching degree. Seeing her art shifted something within me, its interesting because as a kid I never got the chance to see her artwork. I think her art reflects the care that she once gave me as a student… if that makes any sense. I’m actually not sure how to describe it other than having a new awareity and respect for being taught by her. 



Selena Griffen

While randomly looking for artists, I ran into Selena. I found out she was once an art teacher as well. I showed her some of my art and told her that I’d like to get into more realistic work but that I haven’t been able to understand it yet. She talked to me about shape and color and how everything is just made up of individual pixels. She said, once you understand and see that, realism begins to get a bit easier. I thought it was pretty cool that she took the time to talk and try and help. I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.




Kimber Thompson

I briefly got the chance to talk to Kimber. Her picture, that I took with my phone, is more impressive in person. Each stripe had it’s own category of shows, hand drawn, that have been aired on TV. The red stripe at the bottom had cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny and the Pink Panther. The white stripe above it had news clips  and the red above that had sports. It went on to many other types of shows on television. It was pretty cool to see each individual drawing. She said the original is a lot bigger then this canvas one, but it still looked really cool. Her other works include many murals around Battle Creek and collaborative projects with other artists. You can check out more of her work on her website



Toni Gore

Lastly, I got the chance to speak with Toni. She recently started doing resin pours but really enjoys seeing the process of the finished product. I thought her title “Galactic” was perfect for her piece. She also does sign art which you can check out on her site: I hope to see more of her art soon too!


Well it took a full week to write this post but I’m glad I finally did! I’m thinking about taking a short break from the blog to fix a few problems with some software programs that I normally use. That and I’d like to restructure the look of this site and make it ready for the upcoming events: “Heart of Art” at the Art center and the Spring into the arts in downtown Battle Creek. I may pop in a few times to write up a few short posts but for now I would like to keep my schedule open for these projects. You may have already noticed that the ads have been removed and that the site is now just I’m happy to say that after 6 years of writing on this blog I have purchased the .com and am going to start running with my dream of becoming an artist! See you soon and wish me luck 😉 !


Nature Art and Odin

This week I kind of went back to what I did in “Shaping an Idea” and worked on my anime girl leaves and other work.


You’ve may have seen a few of the top ones but the middle ones and bottom two are new. I’m not sure if I like the digital ones, I think I’d like to make them all out of nature items… but maybe if I work on them with other elements it will blend better.

Odin’s introduction

I want to thank my walking buddy, Odin, for putting up with me as I pick up pieces for my work. I don’t think I’ve introduced him other than putting him in a few posts… My boyfriend and I got Odin from a local shelter a few days before Christmas. I had my eye on him for a month and when the shelter said everything turned out good for us we, took the chance to get him :). Here’s him being cute~ ❤ 


I’ll continue to show the nature work every Thursday and pick up Saturdays again. This Saturday’s post I’ll be highlighting pictures of an art show I went to tonight. See you then!

Scattered but Working

This week has been somewhat productive. I kind of worked on a few different things instead of focusing on just the nature art.



I dabbled with my base drawing after a walk inspired me to create this gal.


And I tested different looks for the piece I’ll be donating to my Art Centers upcoming fundraiser. I’m leaning more towards the black spray painted frame and black outlines around the pictures. I think it looks cleaner and makes the pictures stick out more.



And lastly I played around with how I’d like the blog to be set up and what my logo will be for Unfolding the Heart. All I have to do next is try out both of these concepts on the computer.
I think I’m onto a good start. I’m gonna take a break from this Saturday’s post but will be back next Thursday as usual. See ya next week!


Current Projects


This week has been busy! I got a lot of things done to prepare for the two upcoming events, the “Heart of Art” and “Spring into the Arts” in May. I had pictures printed and craft projects taken care of. Today I worked on the wax paper leaves above, they’re different from the previous one I made, the wax is a lot thicker. I still like how the first one below shines through in a window though.



I’ll have to play around with them some more to try and replicate how the first one looked. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with how things are going.


Bigger Projects

I was looking at the blog today and noticed I haven’t done much to it in awhile. I think I may change it up here in the next few weeks. I’d like to take screen shots of a few ideas and get everyone’s input on which one looks best, so look out for another poll coming up soon for that. I don’t have a logo but I have an idea for one.

What do you think? This cartoon version of myself started as a note holder for a friend, then evolved to my Facebook birthday hugger, now I think she would be great for Unfolding the Heart… I think more is needed but its a good start. 🙂 Well that’s it for today. I’ll keep you posted soon 😉 see you next week!



Exciting News and Something New

So today I went to the Art Center in my hometown (Battle Creek MI.) to see if my art could be in one of their upcoming fundraisers. I thought my heart art would fit in perfectly for their event ,”Heart of Art,” and just to see what their response would be, I brought along some of my other art as well .

I had no idea what to expect, but their reaction towards all of my art was better than I ever could have imagined! Not only do they want my art in the Fundraiser but they would like it in their gift shop as well!

When I drove home and settled down a bit, the confidence that was welling up from what they told me inspired me to finish this piece below.

I’ve been playing around with this one for a few weeks and today I think I completed it! The story of how this piece was started and finished was pretty funny to me. I actually found the frame for this piece first, then built the gal second. When I put just the head in the frame today it felt incomplete. It needed something… something behind it. I looked around and thought “Ohh this cottonwood leaf would be perfect! That and its the same type of leaf her face was made from! Ohhh and it even looks like a heart behind her!!”…. lol, yeah I get really excited when things fall into place 😉 ❤ .

I haven’t been doing this type of nature art for very long but I really enjoy it and like where it’s taking me. I’ve been trying to come up with a name for it but have been having a hard time figuring out if it’s a type a sculpture, craft, or something completely different. All I do know is that when I showed just the head to a few women at the Art Center today, they seemed to like it quite a bit. When they said “you should keep doing what you’re doing, this is something new and refreshing” I thought my heart could have exploded from all the encouragement. ❤ So I think I’ll follow their advice and keep it up ^_^ .

See ya this Saturday for the next new post!

Shaping an Idea

Last year while I was preparing for the fall into the Arts, I was wanting to create something that would set me apart from the other artists. At that time though the only thing I was ready to show was my photography. All that I am creating now was just a thought in my head. This week’s posts have been about testing out those unformed ideas and their limits.

The first limit I ran into was when I tried to seal the lion leaf with glue between two pieces of projector sheets. The glue ended up not drying, so I’ll have to try something different next time. The picture next to the lion is of a base drawing that I could put leaves or other things around it for hair/accessories.


The one on the bottom left was leaf I pressed between a book last year. I recently bought a heart shaped hole punch and found out it would only reach so far. I wasn’t going to post this test but not all tests become a final project, but I did learn from it. The last one on the right and the fox/wolf one below, were tests of animal designs that had heart shaped faces. Out of the animals on leaves I still like the lion one the best. Which one do you like best?


Next week I think I’ll do more of this type of work, maybe even record myself as I make a few….Till then, see ya next Thursday!