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Shaping an Idea

Last year while I was preparing for the fall into the Arts, I was wanting to create something that would set me apart from the other artists. At that time though the only thing I was ready to show was my photography. All that I am creating now was just a thought in my head. This week’s posts have been about testing out those unformed ideas and their limits.

The first limit I ran into was when I tried to seal the lion leaf with glue between two pieces of projector sheets. The glue ended up not drying, so I’ll have to try something different next time. The picture next to the lion is of a base drawing that I could put leaves or other things around it for hair/accessories.


The one on the bottom left was leaf I pressed between a book last year. I recently bought a heart shaped hole punch and found out it would only reach so far. I wasn’t going to post this test but not all tests become a final project, but I did learn from it. The last one on the right and the fox/wolf one below, were tests of animal designs that had heart shaped faces. Out of the animals on leaves I still like the lion one the best. Which one do you like best?


Next week I think I’ll do more of this type of work, maybe even record myself as I make a few….Till then, see ya next Thursday!


Playing With Leaves

This past week I’ve been creating and testing my new craft from last weeks post,”Anime Leaves.”

The top one was done on an actual ginko leaf and the few below where tested in the photo editing program, PicsArt.

I like the look of the drawings on actual leaves better but the lion one turned out pretty good :). The nice thing about the digital ones was that they were easier to make away from home. That and it gave me a better idea of what to draw later.

I’ve learned a lot of what I can and cannot do, what markers to use and ways to flatten the leaves(before & after drawing).

I even tried a way to preserve the leaves after being colored. Modpoge brings the colors out more and allows the leaves to bend without breaking. I received a few ideas of preserving them between glass in a frame too.

I’m not sure how long I’ll test this new idea, but I’m having fun doing something new for now ^_^. I have a feeling it’ll develope into something more soon. ūüėČ

*Oh and before I go, I’ll be posting another post this Saturday. See ya then!

Watercolor Wednesdays: Comfortably Scattered


I don’t have any finished watercolors this week, I hit a block so I tried to blast it away with a bunch of different projects at once. Plus, I didn’t feel drawn to last weeks starter works so I created more and added a bit to an older one.

I like how the thread one is turning out, but the one next to it¬†was a challenge. I tried to soak the paper in water to¬†crumple and stain it, but I didn’t realize there was¬†nothing in the house to stain it with, lol. So, I just played with the wet paper and tested how it reacted to the colors and cracks. The bottom left picture started with¬†tea drippings from earlier in the week. I grabbed a few leaves from the ground and painted over them to leave an imprint. The last one was from a yr or so ago, I’ve seen the rabbit in it for awhile. I did a digital rendering of it in “What Would You Be”¬†because at the time I was afraid of ruining it. This time I felt a bit more confident to bring my bunny rabbit forward ^_^. This is it for this week, more to come next week!


Monday Connection: What would you be?

If I were an...-002

A Thought

While talking with my boyfriend at dinner, a few nights ago, we ran across the thought “what animal/tree would I be.” We had fun discussing the characteristics of¬†animals and trees that were similar to our own, so¬†I thought I’d share the fun. (My animals and tree were a bunny, dolphin, maple tree, and robin. His were a wolf, whale, oak tree, and an owl.)


Activity: Pick one or all to think about

What kind of tree do you think you would be?

What kind of land animal?

What kind of water animal?

What kind of flying animal?


Enjoy~ ūüôā