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Crystalized Morning


Last week I woke up to find a thick frost on the windshield of my car. Since I didn’t have to go to work and I had not yet captured pictures in this type of environment, I decided to get my camera. I found the outlining of leaves, the glistening grass waking up to the sunrise, and the glittering garden to be intriguing. I even had someone greet me and give me the warmth of company for awhile. By the time I was done playing with my camera and nature, the frost had given way to the suns heat. While walking back, I remembered the small heart shaped plant halfway through my little adventure. This was by far another magical moment I’m glad I didn’t miss ~ ❤ ^_^ . See you next week! I hope you enjoy the video of my morning ❤ .




Monday Moments: Shimmering Stone


There are moments when everyday objects reveal their true self.

If you catch them, stay in that moment till they return to the secret life they live.

This shimmering gold dust is just cement basking in the glow of dusk.


Monday Moments:



From a distance I thought the glowing red I saw were leaves that had changed color. When I got closer I knew I found my muse…



(This is why going to arboretums is nice, I don’t have to try and identify my subjects from a book or Google, lol.)


Monday Moments: Just One



There is always one picture out of the many photos I take during a walk that seems to pull more than the others. This was the one from my mother and I’s outing yesterday. ^_^