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Guest Post:Dal Shoesmith

I’m really excited to write this post about a local artist in my hometown! I was really inspired by all of his work, as you’ll see 😉.

This past Sunday my mother and I went to a gathering that we bought tickets for during the heart of art event, back in May. Dal Shoesmith, the artist, showed everyone who attended the ceramic process of Raku.

The Raku party was hosted at the artist and his wife’s charming home. Everywhere you looked you would find art.

From the beautiful gardens.

To the pottery that seemed to blend in with the natural surroundings.

The variety of his work really made me feel better about my own variety of art. That its okay to do something different with your medium of choice ❤.

I think I was also inspired by his connection with nature and how his work flows with the wind, birds and greenery.

I found this piece in his workshop and felt like nature was curious about his art and process as well 😉😊.

Okay after gushing about his museum like home 😊 back to the special event! Raku!

The piece I went home with was the one on the left ❤.

He showed us how he takes a raku piece that’s been in a hot kiln and places it in a trash can filled with combustible materials, like shredded paper. After a while, he takes the piece out and sprays it with water, then dowses it when it cools down a bit.

One cool thing I learned was that during the kiln to trash can process, the longer a piece is exposed to the air it will quickly start to oxidize and turn more green. So its important to move fast unless that is what you want on the pottery.

To learn more about Raku, I found this interesting link.


Just a Bit More

I’d like to end this post with a few more of the other wonderful work that Dal is known for around town, his gnomes.

I just love their faces and attention to detail! 💞 Here’s one last piece that bid us farewell as we left this fun experience…

I am soo grateful that my mother bought tickets for this event. I got so much more out of it than I ever imagined! That and I ran into my awesome 5th grade art teacher again 😊 too!

I look forward to his future showings and for chances to meet other local artists! Till then, see you next week for another guest post about local artist Emma Nightingale. ❤

Simple Beauty Day 35

There is something about nature and art that always seems to blend perfectly. ❤ ❤ ❤

Today my mother and I went to a Raku pottery event, by artist Dal Shoesmith. It went on at his charming home. While walking around the gardens near his workshop, many pieces of his work blended in with the surroundings. We watched the process of this technique and learned about its Japanese background. At the end of the night we got to pick one of the pieces he made. I am happy with my choice ❤.

If you’d like to know more about this Michigan artist I will have another post about his work in more detail this upcoming Thursday. And I can’t wait to write about it 😉. See you all tomorrow!

Sunset Sundays: Bridges


Courtesy of: Brian Bradshaw

I received this photo of the Mackinac bridge from my father in response to one of my previous sunset posts on Facebook. After taking a sunset picture myself yesterday, I noticed they both seemed to tie in well together 😉



If anyone else would like to have their sunset pictures featured in the weekly “Sunset Sundays”, send your picture and name to unfoldingtheheart@gmail.com. Have a wonderful week! ^_^


Sunset Sundays: Glistening Waters

Susan hockings2

Photo credit by: Susan Hockings

Susan Hockings

Photo credit by: Susan Hockings

Thank you Susan Hockings for sharing your wonderful captures!  As the sun was setting, she saw “EL GALEON ANDALUCIA” at Dan’s Point near Copper Harbor, MI.


The sunset above was taken during my trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes, at DH. Day Campground in 2012.


If you would like to have your sunset photography featured in Sunset Sundays, send your name/picture/or link to unfoldingtheheart@gmail.com.


Star Reflections


Photo by: Forest Ardennes Fernandez

I’m back! I finally got my new laptop and will be posting regularly every Sunday again! I was working on this post and thought I’d finish it and give due credit to an awesome photographer. A fellow student from Maharishi University of Management, Forest Fernandez, has been taking marvelous pictures of the night’s sky and has inspired me to write about my inner reflections of stars. I enjoy every picture he takes,  each one has a deep universal feel to them. ❤ !


Do you ever look up to the stars with wonder? In a previous post, Star Struck, I looked into my allurement to the stars. I’ve tried to define my connection to them, was it hope, wishing or something else? Since my last post about stars, a new thought has bubbled up.


Photo by: Forest Ardennes Fernandez

Are We Stars?

I took a class in college called Physics and Cosmology and learned that stars go through processes that create most of the elements in the universe. I got to thinking about the elements I am made of and how they were once created by a star which stemmed the thought “If we are made from the elements of stars, are they our ancestors.” Is this why I feel drawn to them and share my troubles with them? I seem to seek their guidance like I would a Grandmother or Grandfather and yet they are silent. Somehow their silence allows an answer to eventually emerge…  In my reflection with stars, this was as far as I could get for now. More to come as I keep questioning…


Photo by: Forest Ardennes Fernandez

Just for Fun

While researching about stars I stumbled upon a few interesting topics:

Thank you again Forest for letting me use your pictures in this post!


Sunset Sundays: Inspiration


Photo courtesy of Susan Strazisar


A friend sent this spectacular picture to me a few weeks ago and inspired me to create this series. Thank you Susan, for getting me out at least once a week to be a part of nature’s creativity. ^_^


If you have taken sunset pictures and would like to be shown on a Sunset Sunday, send your name and picture to unfoldingtheheart@gmail.com. 




This was the picture I took this week.


An Affinity for Trees


Guest Post: By Dara Llewellyn

I felt an affinity for trees as soon as I became aware of them. I felt comforted when I touched the bark of a tree. The sparkle of sunlight filtering down through the leafy mass of foliage above me made me smile. I learned to love the wind because of the way the currents enlivened the mass of leafy branches above me. Living in the South in a forested area in the mountains, I saw trees were everywhere—maples, hickories, oaks, dogwoods, and so many more.


Naturally, when I first learned about the sacred grove of trees revered in several religions, that concept made immediate sense to me. Of course, a spiritual focus would manifest within a grove of trees. I longed to find such a grove and explored nearby forests searching for one. I never found the perfect grove but I found many trees that I felt a connection with, whether it was from touching their bark or simply sitting beneath one and enjoying its presence. I felt certain that each tree did have its own spirit.


Years later when an aging apple tree in my parents’ yard needed to be taken down, I felt such sadness. Remembering that I had once read that if a tree needed to be cut down, one should go to the tree the night before and tell it what was going to happen and why. That way, the spirit of the tree would know that it needed to leave the tree before that final moment came. The tree spirit would then come and knock on your door that evening when it had left.


Feeling whimsical and somewhat silly, I went out early the morning of the chosen day and spoke to the apple tree (knocking gently on it first), telling the tree what had to happen and why. Then I became busy with my day, was out shopping when the event occurred, and came home to fix supper, already accepting what had happened.


I did the evening dishes and when someone knocked on the front door later in the darkening evening, I automatically opened it. No one was there. I stood there surprised for a moment before remembering that the spirit would come to knock on the door when it left. I felt a calming peace settle on me and thanked the spirit and wished it well.


Today, I still feel an affinity with trees, feel their consciousness as I pass them, and rejoice in the beauty of their creation.


Thank you Dara for writing this post! You can find more of Dara’s work on her blog “Reflective Writing.”


Give Love Project Winner

Jennifer BradshawCourtesy of Jennifer Bradshaw


As our only entry for the “Give Love Project“, Jennifer Bradshaw is our prize winner!


Jennifer commented on her experience, “We all got up early and headed down to our local beach and worked as a family to get this done as the tide was rolling in.”


Jennifer Bradshaw 3


“We went back about 12 hours later, and the seaweed and many of the shells had survived first high tide.”


Thank you for spreading the love and creating this beautiful piece with your family! I look forward to seeing more pictures next year for another “Give Love Project“!