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Monday Connection: Give Love Project only 3 days left!


Activity: Hearts in Nature/ Creating Your Own

Step #1

Go outside and see if you can find naturally formed hearts (either rocks, leaves, anything that seems to jump out at you) and write down the objects that looked like hearts.

Step #2

Create your own heart in nature, an example is below (Please use only what you find outside to create your art piece or materials that will not hurt the environment).

Step #3

In either writing or with a photo share what hearts you have seen out in nature and what you experienced when creating your own heart outside. Share your comments either with a link to your picture or about your experience doing this activity. For more information/prizes click HERE.


Morning Hearts



The bright greens and yellows of Nature’s hearts give off an intensity of wakefulness. And although my heart art have little color, the lighter tones in the others give me a sense of calm. All in all the morning was filled with dynamism and stillness, the perfect morning blend. ^_^


DSCF0988 DSCF0981-001



From our Viewers

heathers heart

Sarah heart

Thank you for sharing these beautiful nature heart pictures!


You Don’t Have to Look for Love


Love will find you

The other day while outside with my camera I came across this metallic crimson bloom. I first tried taking pictures from underneath the tulip as part of my “from below” series, but it just didn’t feel right. I then decided to shoot from above and I found what was needed in the picture, love. I laughed at myself from this discovery, everywhere I look hearts seem to find me. I find myself very blessed these days, even though I miss my friends from college and my time away from home I can see what I learned in my time away, “Love is around me and within me no matter where I go.”


I later found this as I was stopping to smell the “lilacs” 😉 .  It’s funny,  when I stop looking for a good picture another pops up when I least expect it. Caught in a moment of fun/ euphoria/ bliss, I am grateful to have noticed the love that nature gives me.




Nature Art


What is Nature Art?

My definition of Nature art is an art piece made from the materials of an environment. A person gathers materials outside and uses them to form a piece of art. The piece is then left behind for nature and to bless any other visitors that may pass by.


My Inspiration

I first discovered this form of art in a college course called “Art in Nature”. We created our own art and looked at other nature artists. The one that took my breath away and inspired me the most was Andy Goldsworthy. You can check out his artwork with this link:

Andy Goldsworthy Art


Nature’s Effect

I never start off with an idea of what I would like to make until I have gathered the materials.  I like to pick out earth tones of dark green, tans, and browns. Every now and then I run across colorful flowers that have fallen from their stem and use the bright colors in my piece. When I am outside making something out of sticks or leaves, I get into a zone of pure wakefulness. The world around me opens my senses to another level and my life becomes clear. After I struggle for a bit with the way the art piece looks I see it come together and form into something beautiful…though not always lol and that’s okay too.


Below is a video of Nature art I’ve made. Most of the pieces I have made were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.


For a Nature Activity click here.