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Simple Beauty Day 43

Shine through,

shows true,

The heart inside,

Continues to thrive.

The Dance Between Light and Shadow



Moments stilled,

captivated and thrilled. 


Balance defined,

shared space in time.


Shadows and light

did not fight.
Circular beams,

cast off into dreams.


Feathered darkness

moved like waves,

to the tree and the sun

upon my path.


One Leaf Falls

Crisp cool nights
firefly lights.

Campfires glow
days start to slow.

Leaves are let go
beauty begins to show.

Ground full of color,
marks the end of this summer.


Leaves that Fall


Leaves that fall,

 Begin to call,

For something more,

Upon the floor.

A heart you say?

Okay lets play.


I’m helping inspire, for our “Give Love” desire. 😉


Nature Journal Poems

 I’ve been talking about my nature journals for awhile so here are a few poems from 2012-2014. I find it interesting that the majority of poems have swirls & curls with the them.

art journal 27

art journal 28

art journal 212

art journal 2(2)

Lights within the Heart


I have so many things to say,

and I thought you should know.

At how much you have meant to me,

and have helped me as I’ve grown.


To my mother, father, sister, brother,

teacher, cousin, friend,

stranger, lover, passer byer,

I’ll love you till the end.


We may have gone our separate ways

in this life we play,

but your happiness of joy and love

are still with me everyday.


Thank you for the smiles

and the warmth of your embrace.

Thank you for the love you gave,

for your beauty and your grace.


Thank you for the laughter

and the times that we had shared.

Thank you for seeing me as “me”,

and showing that you cared.


For I have grown soo much from you

and had not realized it till now.

So as for thanks to what you’ve done

I give this solemn vow.


I will continue to carry you,

in my heart as I did before.

The difference is that now its deeper,

and embedded in its core.


Winter’s Warmth Poem

***Winter’s Warmth***

To the snow that brought me snow days

and time away from school.

The snow that gave me a trip down a hill

and had me laughing like a fool.


The snow that fell upon my tongue

and filled me with such glee.

Snow forts, snow fights and snowmen

were all built by you and me.


Today the snow is a bother

to those who can no longer see,

That the snow can bring happiness

if we allow ourselves to be free!


~Be a child again and have fun with the snow ;)~

Bursting With Color

Taking time out of my day to spend time with myself,

I walk in a mist and allow the wind to direct me.

Eyes gaze over the ground searching for life in color.

I stop and pick up a simple red leaf

and something within me changes direction.

A smile begins to grow in my heart with each leaf I gather.

As the creativity flows through my inner being,

a symbol of gratitude appears before me.

What felt lost has once again returned and resumes it’s natural flow.



The Path to Love



To you my lonely traveler,

I leave this gift to you.

May you find love within yourself and others.

And when you do,

let it overflow to everyone that you encounter.

For everyone wants to love and be loved.