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Simple Beauty Day 41

The life of rain gives life to others and makes them so much more than what they were. ❤

Simple Beauty Day 31

Grateful of another refreshing day, a red clover plie’s (pled-ays) in the summer rain. ❤

*I can’t believe I’ve been posting everyday for a month now! I was debating on ending this series but after today’s picture, I feel renewed again 😉. So, I think I’ll continue this for another month! Yay! 💞 See you all tomorrow!

Nature Walks:1-22-17


A water droplet pays tribute to a  Hawthorn berry’s memory.

The snow was melting and the air was filled with fog. Since I’ve never taken pictures in this type of weather before I thought I’d check it out. And I loved it!


Jewels of Life.

Water has always been one of my muses.


One of my favorite pictures was of the tree with a foggy backdrop, which one is your favorite?


Watercolor Wednesday: Dancing in the Rain


I know I’m technically still on my break, but I thought I’d start a day early. I’m not sure if I’ll keep Watercolor Wednesdays going so we’ll see. Maybe every other week.


I made this picture awhile back, but since it rained a few days ago I thought it would be appropriate. The fun thing about this picture is that I painted this outside while it was raining. ^_^ I dabbed on the color and let the rain drip it down the umbrella and the girl. I wanted a nature element to it and the rain made it work!


Rainy Day Digital Fun


These are the digital renderings of a few pictures I took from Rainy Day Spotaneity, during a storm. The mirror affect and color masks intrigued me.



Rainy Day Spotaneity


I went out to run a few errands the other day and I happened to have my camera with me when a storm came in. 



The rain created interesting water spots on the windows and the leaf that was stuck on the driver’s side window next to me reminded me of a leaf floating in water(or frozen in water). 



A bird’s feather, water paths and a slight heart shaped raindrop on my windshield made me feel emotionally full for the rest of the day. I even made digital alterations to a few pictures that will be in the next post. ^_^ See you soon ~ ❤