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Watercolor Wednesdays



I’ve been busy this week so I thought I’d share a few of my older watercolors(ink). When I was going to Maharishi University of Managment, I last minute decided to take a Drawing 1 class. I learned a lot about myself in my work and my struggle for creating “the perfect picture.” None of the perfect pictures are shown here, just the ones that took me for surprise ;). 


The first one was a quick study of my friend Rumi. The paper fell when it was still wet and the ink ran down the page and into her shirt. This was my favorite because an accident gave more character to the picture.


One of our exercises was to draw the same things over and over again in the room. To pick one subject and place it with a different one. I had always liked the way this picture turned out and I think I know why. If I were to title this now I would call it “A friend is always near.”


As a project, I did an artist study on Albrecht Durer and found a few of his drawings to be similar to the online “troll” faces. To be honest lol I don’t see the resemblance now, but at that time, it was all I saw. I think I liked this picture because it was something different to paint rather than the “pretty picture” I had always felt inclined to do. It was a very freeing experience.


Well, that is it for this week. Instead of posting about sunsets on Sunday, I’ll be talking about the “Give Love Project” coming up on the 23rd. Monday I start my vacation and will unplug from my laptop until I return on the 29th. See you then!


Every Moment is Precious

While watching the sunset the other night I couldn’t help but to tear up at how beautiful the sun looked upon the clouds. In that moment, everything felt whole and all the stress from a few days before had melted away.

A week ago I found out my fur baby, Kiki, had heart failure and it is just a matter of time… Every moment with her feels like gold. She has recovered from her initial scare and is back to cuddling, eating, and light play. While I spoil her, I will be away from the blog for a bit to stay in these precious moments as best as I can. Till I return, nature will continue to comfort me through this transition.


I found this video on facebook and felt it tied into this post.

Ocean Conservancy’s Earth day Video

Walk of Wisdom


As the full moon approaches and the snow begins to melt, so too do my emotions. Another surge of doubts had me running to my grandfather’s woods. I have come to realize that this is my sacred space, my safe place. Every time I set foot to ground there, everything becomes clear.


Walking into the Psyche
A terrifying dream the night before, made me feel like going to the house was an unconscious way of facing my fears. As usual the fears lifted once I began my walk.
The wisdom I heard from myself and the forest are as follows:


Today I noticed the many trees and limbs that littered the forest floor. Many previous paths had logs and brush blocking the way. I thought “the woods look dead or like they are dying”. Other thoughts countered “it is not dead, it’s just beginning, you are seeing the aftermath of Winter. Soon Spring will come and the richness of this place will once again be lush with green”.

I stepped over logs and continued down old paths until I came to a bushel of briers. After attempting to walk through it another thought sparked, “Why continue down an old path riddled with pain and possibility of getting stuck, when you can create a new one”.  I found a different route and at one point became confused as to where I was. Looking around, I found the house between the trees and went further into the back of the woods. I came upon one of my favorite stumps and grazed the rings of it’s age. My heart cringed as to why it was cut down.


Further along my walk a thought struck me of how important these woods have been to me in the past. “Sacred, this land is sacred”, my grandfather tended these few acres when he was alive and now I may have the opportunity to do so if I choose. At this time I do not have the means to purchase the house and land, but a strong sense overtook me, “I will do everything within my power to protect this land”.


I left the woods as if born once again. Was this all really about the house or something more? I wonder…


Loss and Direction


A Change of Flow

Recently I decided to take a break from blogging and “the Artist’s Way” to reflect on my emotions of a dear friend’s passing. I’ve been trying to find my own purpose and have wondered about what to do next. During this process I delved into watercolor to try and express what was going on in my mind.



I may not know where I am going, but I do feel art is part of my direction. I will continue with my inner and outer work though I feel I am done with “The Artist’s Way” for now. I know if I ever get lost again or need a task for inspiration, I know where to look. As for now I’m just taking one day at a time and going with this new flow.


Artist Date Turned Project

I have been wanting to record me hula hooping while dancing, so as an “Artist Date” I recorded myself and made my own music video. Enjoy ^_^ ~


A Day to Bloom

Conquering Fears

I had another Artist Date for myself today and it was one that would help me face my grandest fear, public speaking.


When I was in college, presentations were my worst nightmare. I would have to write out small phrases on my hands or cards to keep me on topic or from forgetting my speech altogether. I remember one time I had felt the room spinning, my right leg was going numb from quivering, and my voice was rattling from my nerves. I enjoy talking to people one on one, but as a group “No way!”.


Just an Idea

I was told by one of my teachers that there was a group in town that helped people with their confidence in speaking, but had never gone. Luckily these groups are located in practically every city. Today was my day though and I decided to check out this “Toastmasters Club” group.


I expected to see all business men and women preforming immaculate presentations with a seriousness that made you listen. Or people that would be grading me as I spoke, but I was wrong beyond all measures. Everyone was pretty animated in their talks, fun and light hearted. The interaction of standing up at the podium was only but a minute or two and I felt no judgment of grading me at my performance. I am glad that I went and that I had the courage to try something that I have been afraid of all my life. The one thing I love about Artist Dates is that you never know what to expect when you explore an interest for fun or for improvement.