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Nature Walks: 1-30-17



A few weeks ago, the snow returned once again, the tease of Spring was just a quick peek.




But, a fresh coat of white always brings the contrast of other colors forth.




At the end of my walk I reflected my gratitude towards the snow and left with a full heart ~ <3.


Sunset Sundays



This week’s sunset feature was again from Kris Hill :).


My sunset pic was taken Friday on my way home from work.


Back to Painting

The photo my father took.

 The photo my father took.

For my father’s birthday, I painted a picture that he took of a lighthouse in South Haven, MI. I had my ups in downs during the process of this painting and at one point I laughed at myself when the Bob Ross song popped in my head.



Strangely enough, any problem I was having worked itself out during the “relax, let it flow, think like water.” 🙂


Another painting is done and I am starting to think it is time for me to keep them going. 🙂 More to come soon!


Nature is Present Everywhere



So, these pictures aren’t the best quality… but they were taken when a moment left me breathless. Thanks to my handy dandy flip phone 😉 I am able to share those moments with you!


The picture above was of condensation that had turned solid from the cold.




I am always in awe of the way our sun reflects off water. 


My eyes caught the sunset in the side mirror of my boyfriend’s Jeep. I later noticed the words, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” I laughed and thought “okay nature I here ya, thank you.”



Can you guess where this was taken?




Yep, in the side mirror of my car ;).




These last two were in my car as well, I loved watching the water flow down the window. I also liked how the snow turned the pictures into more of a black and white photo too.



Each day I feel closer to nature, closer to something more real. Is it just being in the presence of nature or a fullness of life? 😀


Weekend Walk


I went on another photography walk with my friend Jenna a few weeks ago. This time we went to Leila Arboretum. We visited the Fantasy Forest and walked around in search of our muses :). 

New folder (5)


We were drawn to the variety of colors and textures of different tree trunks.

New folder (3)
New folder7
New folder (2)

We were fascinated by this one tree… I just forgot to look at it’s tag to see what type it was. It reminded me of a large rose bush, but with pine cones instead of flowers. The other picture on the bottom right was a different tree as the sun began to set.


As another walk came to a close, I thought “I am grateful of my friend and these weekend walks. I feel this is just what I have needed to get me back out into nature ^_^.”


Winter Returns


So… what did I do?

I went with a friend to a nearby park to get a few good shots 😉 .


I am grateful of my dear friend Jenna for getting me out!  In the first pic above it looked like she found an interesting spot. After she was done I checked it out and the result was the “dinosaur tooth” thorns above. We kept each other inspired by discussing settings and objects that intrigued us.









Not only did we have fun, but we also got to see a pretty nice sunset!