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Living Truly

For the first time in my life… I feel like a true artist.

My first experience doing a show at the artwalk, “Fall into the Arts,” was such a remarkable experience for me. For years I have quietly shared my pictures with family and friends. Like whispers from my soul, my passion for nature is starting to be heard. This blog and all the wonderful comments on my posts is what allowed me to get more comfortable with showing more. For a month I prepared myself for this event and this past Friday I finally made my first step.


I received so much positive feedback and had never felt so alive in my life!

I am so glad I finally took this step, it may have been small but I did it! 😉 ~ ❤ When family and friends told me how proud they were of something I am truly proud of, I felt like I won the lottery.

Thank you everyone for helping me narrow down my pictures, Pam for helping me with my display, mom for giving me the courage to do this/for buying some frames, Trevor for helping me frame the pictures, and dad for posting my pics and staying with me all night. And thank you again family and friends for supporting me through all this, I could not have done it without you 😉 ❤ . 

See you all next week!

Sunset Sundays: The Past Affects the Future



This was in 2012 during my first Semester at MUM. That time still reverberates through my heart everyday. ❤


Monday Moments: Shimmering Stone


There are moments when everyday objects reveal their true self.

If you catch them, stay in that moment till they return to the secret life they live.

This shimmering gold dust is just cement basking in the glow of dusk.


Sunset Sundays: A Spectrum of Colors

This week’s picture comes from a friend from Indiana, Kelli Totleben. I love how you can see the field of purple flowers too. ❤



When I took this one, I was drawn to the way the sun made a warm glow to the grass. I also liked how the sun was reflecting off the lens with red spots.


If you would like to have your sunset photography featured in Sunset Sundays, send your name/picture/or link to unfoldingtheheart@gmail.com.


Sunset Sundays: Making Time



I took this picture the last week that I worked for the school. I haven’t been out much to take pictures lately so I’ll have to take a bunch on my days off :). If anyone else would like to have their sunset pictures featured in the weekly “Sunset Sunday’s”, send your picture and name to unfoldingtheheart@gmail.com. Have a wonderful week! ^_^


Sunset Sunday’s: Lake Expressions


Photo Credit by: Susan Hockings

This week’s guest is Susan Hockings! I love her sunset pictures of Lake Superior and she has plenty more for later ^_^.


I didn’t have any lake pictures, but while coming home, earlier in the week, I swore I saw a sailboat drifting across the endless sky. 😉 ~ ❤


Sunset Sundays: Looking Back



I didn’t receive any images from other photographers this week, so this week I have a few of my older sunset pictures. I took these pics at a rest stop shortly after reaching the Michigan border, back in November, 2012. It was a wonderful welcoming home gift from nature ^_^.