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Living Truly

For the first time in my life… I feel like a true artist.

My first experience doing a show at the artwalk, “Fall into the Arts,” was such a remarkable experience for me. For years I have quietly shared my pictures with family and friends. Like whispers from my soul, my passion for nature is starting to be heard. This blog and all the wonderful comments on my posts is what allowed me to get more comfortable with showing more. For a month I prepared myself for this event and this past Friday I finally made my first step.


I received so much positive feedback and had never felt so alive in my life!

I am so glad I finally took this step, it may have been small but I did it! 😉 ~ ❤ When family and friends told me how proud they were of something I am truly proud of, I felt like I won the lottery.

Thank you everyone for helping me narrow down my pictures, Pam for helping me with my display, mom for giving me the courage to do this/for buying some frames, Trevor for helping me frame the pictures, and dad for posting my pics and staying with me all night. And thank you again family and friends for supporting me through all this, I could not have done it without you 😉 ❤ . 

See you all next week!

Sunset Sundays Return!


I haven’t received any guest pictures of sunsets, so I posted a few of my own that I caught earlier in the week. If you would like to share your sunset photography for Sunset Sundays, send your name/picture/or link to unfoldingtheheart@gmail.com. I think it’s fun to see a sunset through someone else’s eyes :D. Till then, enjoy! ^_^




Okay soo the last one isn’t a sunset. I showed it here because when I was taking the pictures above, I turned around and saw the moon watching the setting sun with me ;). ❤


Under the Scarlet Moon



While driving home a few nights ago, I caught a glimpse of such artistry. Leave it to good old mother nature to charm my need to re-create. I had fun with this piece, but the watercolor took 2 days to fully dry in my new journal. I endured the lessons of patience and letting the watercolor move on its own, though it was not an easy task. I wasn’t sure how to capture the misty haze that was in the air that night, but I do feel I hit the moon’s presence spot on. Moments like this put me at awe of nature’s many gifts and how they emerge from myself.