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Okay Catch Up Time!

Alright, I have been gone too long! This month has been crazy! I’ve got so many upcoming posts about all the projects and fun little trips that happened in May. Here is a sneak peek of these future posts~ ❤ .

McCourtie Park

One post that I’ve been wanting to share is of a park in Michigan called McCourtie Park. All of the bridges are made out of cement, but made to look like wooden bridges. A friend of mine suggested the place so her, my mother and I had to check it out! It felt like we stepped into the “Shire”.

2018 Spring in Bloom

When the flowers started to bloom I made a point to get out and take as many pictures as I could, and I have a lot too! ^_^

Spring into the Arts 2018

I was not as prepared for this artwalk like I thought I would be. I had my doubts about how my display would look this year at the Spring into the Arts, but in the end I had my wonderful family and friends to help me bring everything together! ❤ I couldn’t have done it without all the support.

Sleeping Bear Dunes 2018

After being on edge all last year, my mother and I decided to distress (celebrate her being in remission) and take time out to have ourselves a little vacation up to the Sleeping Bear Dunes national park. In the pinky finger of Michigan 😉 , we went camping, visited Lake Michigan a few times, and took a ton of pictures! It was definitely a trip well worth taking ^_^ ❤ .

Sleeping Bear Dunes Throwback 2012

After taking the trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes with my mother this year, I was inspired to share my first trip there in 2012. I had gone there to test myself and to see if I could camp and work at the national park by myself. I didn’t end up working there but I had an amazing five days that I will never forget!

There is much more to come! I’m thinking about posting these topics on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday next week. It’s so good to be back ^_^ see ya then!

Crystalized Morning


Last week I woke up to find a thick frost on the windshield of my car. Since I didn’t have to go to work and I had not yet captured pictures in this type of environment, I decided to get my camera. I found the outlining of leaves, the glistening grass waking up to the sunrise, and the glittering garden to be intriguing. I even had someone greet me and give me the warmth of company for awhile. By the time I was done playing with my camera and nature, the frost had given way to the suns heat. While walking back, I remembered the small heart shaped plant halfway through my little adventure. This was by far another magical moment I’m glad I didn’t miss ~ ❤ ^_^ . See you next week! I hope you enjoy the video of my morning ❤ .




Rainy Day Digital Fun


These are the digital renderings of a few pictures I took from Rainy Day Spotaneity, during a storm. The mirror affect and color masks intrigued me.



Rainy Day Spotaneity


I went out to run a few errands the other day and I happened to have my camera with me when a storm came in. 



The rain created interesting water spots on the windows and the leaf that was stuck on the driver’s side window next to me reminded me of a leaf floating in water(or frozen in water). 



A bird’s feather, water paths and a slight heart shaped raindrop on my windshield made me feel emotionally full for the rest of the day. I even made digital alterations to a few pictures that will be in the next post. ^_^ See you soon ~ ❤


Sunset Sunday’s: Lake Expressions


Photo Credit by: Susan Hockings

This week’s guest is Susan Hockings! I love her sunset pictures of Lake Superior and she has plenty more for later ^_^.


I didn’t have any lake pictures, but while coming home, earlier in the week, I swore I saw a sailboat drifting across the endless sky. 😉 ~ ❤


Sunset Sundays: The More the Merrier

Courtesy of Kris Hill

Courtesy of Kris Hill

To make things more interactive each week I’ll show a sunset picture sent to me, and a picture I took during the week. This week’s picture was taken by Kris Hill on July 15, 2015, at Mackinaw City, MI.


Out of all the sunsets this week, Friday’s was my favorite.

If you would like your sunset picture shown, send your name and picture to unfoldingtheheart@gmail.com.

Watercolor Wednesdays: Perfectionism


Boiling Over

This piece was very stressful for me. I realized my talents weren’t up to what my eyes wanted me to create. I thought I had prepared for certain sections to stay white. I taped off many areas, used a utility knife and ruler to cut straight lines, and yet I still wasn’t able to “copy” the picture exactly.


The Real Problem

Perfectionism is something I struggle with often in my artwork and in life. The pressure of things not working out just right leaves my inner child having a fit across whatever it is that I’m doing. “Give up,” a part of me says. “Let go…stop trying to be perfect and just play. Try to have fun and discover yourself in what you do. Be easier on yourself.”


 Letting Go

I’ve been really hard on myself this past year and I’ve put a lot of fun projects on the back burner. I was going to take a break from the blog, but I think that if I just relaxed a bit more I’d have a much happier time doing what I love to do.  Sometimes I just need to let go of the things in life that don’t work for me, stress. Even though the bottom half of the picture caused most of the stress, it is now starting to grow on me. 🙂