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Watercolor Wednesday: Dancing in the Rain


I know I’m technically still on my break, but I thought I’d start a day early. I’m not sure if I’ll keep Watercolor Wednesdays going so we’ll see. Maybe every other week.


I made this picture awhile back, but since it rained a few days ago I thought it would be appropriate. The fun thing about this picture is that I painted this outside while it was raining. ^_^ I dabbed on the color and let the rain drip it down the umbrella and the girl. I wanted a nature element to it and the rain made it work!


Watercolor Wednesdays: Comfortably Scattered


I don’t have any finished watercolors this week, I hit a block so I tried to blast it away with a bunch of different projects at once. Plus, I didn’t feel drawn to last weeks starter works so I created more and added a bit to an older one.

I like how the thread one is turning out, but the one next to it was a challenge. I tried to soak the paper in water to crumple and stain it, but I didn’t realize there was nothing in the house to stain it with, lol. So, I just played with the wet paper and tested how it reacted to the colors and cracks. The bottom left picture started with tea drippings from earlier in the week. I grabbed a few leaves from the ground and painted over them to leave an imprint. The last one was from a yr or so ago, I’ve seen the rabbit in it for awhile. I did a digital rendering of it in “What Would You Be” because at the time I was afraid of ruining it. This time I felt a bit more confident to bring my bunny rabbit forward ^_^. This is it for this week, more to come next week!


Watercolor Wednesdays: Trees and Cats


The lines and cracks, from crumpling and dyeing the paper, resembled roots from a tree.



This was an older piece that I revisited, I saw a cat’s eyes and mouth, so I brought them forth. The trees just happened to be there as well. It still needs plenty of work, but in time I think this one will turn out pretty good.



Watercolor Wednesdays: Motivation



     My watercolor inspiration has returned! Lol. Two weeks ago my mother and I randomly went to a tea staining presentation by Cindy Evans. We loved her art! After staining, she prints a small copy of the piece and puts it in a journal. From there she would look to find patterns and shapes, then research more around what she found. Finally the paint went down and she just played with it. I’m glad we got the chance to see another way to play with water color, and now the fun resumes.



Watercolor Wednesdays



I’ve been busy this week so I thought I’d share a few of my older watercolors(ink). When I was going to Maharishi University of Managment, I last minute decided to take a Drawing 1 class. I learned a lot about myself in my work and my struggle for creating “the perfect picture.” None of the perfect pictures are shown here, just the ones that took me for surprise ;). 


The first one was a quick study of my friend Rumi. The paper fell when it was still wet and the ink ran down the page and into her shirt. This was my favorite because an accident gave more character to the picture.


One of our exercises was to draw the same things over and over again in the room. To pick one subject and place it with a different one. I had always liked the way this picture turned out and I think I know why. If I were to title this now I would call it “A friend is always near.”


As a project, I did an artist study on Albrecht Durer and found a few of his drawings to be similar to the online “troll” faces. To be honest lol I don’t see the resemblance now, but at that time, it was all I saw. I think I liked this picture because it was something different to paint rather than the “pretty picture” I had always felt inclined to do. It was a very freeing experience.


Well, that is it for this week. Instead of posting about sunsets on Sunday, I’ll be talking about the “Give Love Project” coming up on the 23rd. Monday I start my vacation and will unplug from my laptop until I return on the 29th. See you then!


Watercolor Wednesdays: Digitized


Okay, so my first one is not digitized. I made this one early on in the week and discovered that the wolf’s eyes were a bit bigger than they should have been, which I believe came from my many years of drawing anime eyes, lol.




As for the other watercolors this week, I added to other works in progress. When they still didn’t look right, I popped them into my photo editor(Picasa) messed around with them for a bit and inverted the colors. I tend to do this with alot of my art that just doesn’t feel whole. 



I like to invert colors on most of my art, just to see what might happen. Most of the time, pieces that seem dull and boring become bursting universes reaching out into the unknown. I think playing with watercolors this week was a success!


Watercolor Wednesdays: Perfectionism


Boiling Over

This piece was very stressful for me. I realized my talents weren’t up to what my eyes wanted me to create. I thought I had prepared for certain sections to stay white. I taped off many areas, used a utility knife and ruler to cut straight lines, and yet I still wasn’t able to “copy” the picture exactly.


The Real Problem

Perfectionism is something I struggle with often in my artwork and in life. The pressure of things not working out just right leaves my inner child having a fit across whatever it is that I’m doing. “Give up,” a part of me says. “Let go…stop trying to be perfect and just play. Try to have fun and discover yourself in what you do. Be easier on yourself.”


 Letting Go

I’ve been really hard on myself this past year and I’ve put a lot of fun projects on the back burner. I was going to take a break from the blog, but I think that if I just relaxed a bit more I’d have a much happier time doing what I love to do.  Sometimes I just need to let go of the things in life that don’t work for me, stress. Even though the bottom half of the picture caused most of the stress, it is now starting to grow on me. 🙂


Watercolor Wednesdays: A Work in Progress


So, a few months ago I told my father that I would paint his lighthouse picture in watercolor. This was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. Though the process has been tough, my representation of his picture is starting to warm up to me.



Watercolor Wednesdays

DSCF1520 (2)

I’m starting a new series on Wednesdays featuring watercolor pictures I’ve done each week. Enjoy!


This one reminded me of moss. I’m not sure what else to do with it for the moment so I’ll put it away for a bit and come back to it later :). That’s all for today, more watercolors to come next week!

Watercolor Wanderings

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I’ve been messing around with watercolor again 🙂 . Both were experiments, one started as a purple strip that I allowed to drip and interpret what was there. The other was while looking at tulips, not to copy but, to make my own rendition. And the last pic had an added element from nature. Fun Fun!