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Nature Walks: 1-30-17



A few weeks ago, the snow returned once again, the tease of Spring was just a quick peek.




But, a fresh coat of white always brings the contrast of other colors forth.




At the end of my walk I reflected my gratitude towards the snow and left with a full heart ~ <3.


Monday Moments: The Gateway


There are moments I slip through time, in awe of surrender. A blank space that holds me and the universe as one. An instant of fullness of life. It is just a glimpse, a flash of hope that the world is so much more than what “is”. These moments are the gateway, enjoy.

April Fools



So, even though the groundhog saw his shadow, mother nature has decided to get in on the April fools jokes. Michiganders got to experience what we thought was Spring’s arrival, but ever since Easter we have been having weekly visits of snow storms.




Though I wish Spring was here, I do still love to take wintery pictures. Sometimes the cold has something else to teach us before the warm up of Spring can begin. I guess I better listen πŸ˜‰ .




Winter Returns


So… what did I do?

I went with a friend to a nearby park to get a few good shots πŸ˜‰ .


I am grateful of my dear friend Jenna for getting me out! Β In the first pic above it looked like she found an interesting spot. After she was done I checked it out and the result was the “dinosaur tooth” thorns above. We kept each other inspired by discussing settings and objects that intrigued us.









Not only did we have fun, but we also got to see a pretty nice sunset!